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Has ´Obama´actually been kicked out of office?

I´ve got a question here that´s probably already been asked often enough - so yes or no - has Obama actually been kicked out of office?

Does the U.S. Supreme Court seriously desire to have the person known in public under the name of Barack H. Obama to be indicted or removed from office?

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Comment by Darth Vindex on February 24, 2013 at 2:10pm

Feather start leaving the capital cities then. The definition of capital is a capital city with a capital C. Build new cities.

Comment by Darth Vindex on February 24, 2013 at 2:09pm

The elimination of the blood line of those in control of America today is done by deliberately choosing not to have sex with anyone who descends from that blood line or those blood lines. No questions asked. I agree with you on the importance of doing things properly with one´s money.

Comment by John Jancar on February 22, 2013 at 2:47pm

America in particular, has done such a horrible job managing their money...their political and business leaders are so irresponsible...look what's happening have the richest nation on Earth with almost 20% unemployment, their roads and bridges and infrastructure falling apart, their schools, hospitals, airports and seaports's just becoming a shambles.

And, then, you look at places like China, they're building left right and bridges, roads, airports, stadiums, etc....or you have even a small country like United Arab Emirates...where Dubai and Abu Dhabi is....who use their oil and natural gas money to build entire brand new cities...complete with state of the art everything...the best museums, the best hotels, the best services...I mean just look at pictures of Dubai, it's like a futuristic's amazing what they're doing, because their leaders invest their money properly.

Comment by John Jancar on February 22, 2013 at 1:47pm

Of course there's an economic go to the store and buy groceries...there's proof right there lol All these stores you see in the mall and factories around town...what do you think that's part of. People still buy and sell things...people might not have as much money to buy and sell things, some people can barely buy anything at all...while some people spend 100,000 dollars on a shopping's relative.

And economics isn't just about joe blow going out and buying a fridge...countries buy and sell too. In fact, a big part of a nations economy is importing and exporting. Like we in Canada sell wheat and gold and uranium to other countries, huge stocks of it...that's a major revenue source. Countries like Saudi Arabia sell practically nothing but oil...and they make a fortune. Countries like Mexico or China sell huge amounts of electrical parts and machinery...that's a big part of their economy. It's called world trade.

There's nothing wrong with the world economy, per se...the problem is countries spend their money irresponsibly, so they have financial troubles. That ultimately trickles down to the people...who don't have as much money to spend, so the economy takes a bigger hit. And you have banks messing around with interest rates, and putting out too much money,  which devalues the currency, which causes inflation...weakening spending power. The world isn't managed all too great...and that's the biggest problem, put decent responsible people in power, and things would change.

Comment by Darth Vindex on February 22, 2013 at 1:05pm

Feather I think no new Economical system can be put into place because there ain´t no Economical system. An Economical system is a system where people can afford buying and selling goods. If people can´t do that , no Economy. Claims of an Economical system in that kind of a situation would be silly in my opinion. People can claim there is even a Global Economy all they want but if people can´t afford things Globally how can there be a Global Economy? See?

Comment by Darth Vindex on February 22, 2013 at 1:04pm

So that´d mean that the person or persons claiming to be Obama are or is still in Office. In other words , guess the Supreme Court News was probably fake then.

Comment by John Jancar on February 2, 2013 at 8:20pm

No Obama wasn't kicked out of office, why would he be. Because one guy, Larouche, a racist who called Obama a monkey and black people who voted for him calling for it. It won't fly, any federal judge dumb enough to take on the case, will have it thrown out once it reaches higher courts.

The charges are ridiculous, saying how it's Obama's fault that there wasn't adequate security protection in Benghazi, even though that's the responsibility of the State Department, not the White House. The White House didn't even know about it. Or, how he supposedly covered up the Saudi royals involvement in financing the 911 hijackers, even though there's no proof of it. Or how he failed to get a declaration of war against Libya, even though it was a NATO offensive, that barely used American forces.

It won't happen, don't expect Obama to leave office any time soon...and he shouldn't leave, despite all this propaganda and false accusations and misunderstandings against him...I know in my gut he's a good man, and he deserves to be in the office, and people need to support him..not try to tear him down.

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