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It's time to finish it.......stop......stop.....stop.....

do you want humans to ascend ?????????

if you really want humans right now   now in fifth dimension

                                      BUT REALLY

stop speaking         stop speaking                 stop speaking



      or as an alternative.................ZERO OF ZERO.........ZERO OF



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Ya, I've had the same thoughts lately. :)

thanks, but the only real problem that blocks everything is' our power to manifest the things we want - if this power is NOT restored to the rest it does not serve anything - but maybe they believe we are idiots ....

..........all that sounds nice and peachy but the truth is that first we must tip the scale in order to manifest anything to consider changes on collective level. So far we are way , way too far away from it. Too many people are still not aware what that means. 

if that's the best way to end it with so many messages false and misleading, better to be silent -


how can anyone be silent about false and misleading messages ?.................I , for one , cant be silent

consider that we are totally surrounded by falsity ' we are tired to continue this way, what beautiful world is created ....


to add that there are many things that are inexplicable because we do a lot of experience many things we learn and then forget everything ... why ... or even this is FALSE !!!


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