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I SHOT JFK. Confession of James E. Files, Professional Assassin From The Giancana Family. I SPENT A LOT OF TIME RESEARCHING THIS; I'M 95% SURE HE'S THE ONE

This is a must see documentary. James E. Files makes one error (regarding how much he was paid), but other than that, the information is very accurate, and Files appears and sounds very authentic. Click for 1:20:00 documentary.

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Go to 3:03 of this video regarding Jack Ruby and his ability to forge identification. Click

Now go to 13:25 of the Files video (which is also regarding Ruby and forgery) 

Go to 16:00 of the Files interview, and check out his description of the area where he took the shot.. Click Now check out the map below. A pre-1971 Remington .222 shell casing (with teeth marks in it) was found in 1987 by a University of Texas at Arlington student near the site where James E. Files claimed to have done the head-shot on JFK.


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