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Im very new here, but I wondered if anyone has any Moldavite personal experiences that they would be willing to share.   I purchased my first a few years ago, and have had TREMENDOUS life experiences from that day going forward, including my spiritual, financial and emotional side.

It would be a gift to read others experiences.

Thanks~ Jennifer

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I also have a few crystal sculls I bought over the net which came from a woman who has the ancient crystal scull called 'Synergy'
They are interesting to work with and I have not had them very long. They have very different energies coming from them.. each quite different...

Does anyone have any experience working with them?
I had a mini crystal skull don't know what happened to it, probabaly got stolen by the witchy woman along with everything else!?

I think they store consciousness specifically (Knowledge) and/or can be used as a focal point to see into the past, present and future!?

Try sitting in a dark place and put a light behind and/or under the crystal skull and focus on it. A friend of mine used a laser and got rather wierd results? It was highly strange!?

I LOVE crystal anything, I'm a nature lover and prefer outdoors, animals, plants, flowers and of course stones!?....Wonder why I'm stuck in the "big city"!?
The addiction is the other half of the equation. LOL, Its nice to hear that you understand. I still feel very addicted to my Moldavite. I agree when you say that the loss of your first Moldavite has affected so much. This current one that I have (which is maybe 4 or 5 pieces later) is finally given me the same feeling as my first one as far as addiction goes.

Even though you lost your first one, do you still feel a connection to Moldavite?
Dear Jennifer to share personal experiences with Moldavite connect with
and for more info and very nice Videos on Moldavites log on
Amazing.. I will for sure check that website out. Thank you very much for sharing.

Peace, love and light

Um, yeah.  I recently finished a book where the author spoke of moldavite.  He's a healer and he said it helped him connect to other beings.  That is pretty much an understatement.  Since I got mine I have had some very interesting things happen to me. 

1.)  I heard myself think "I like it here on Earth". 

2.)  I felt it altering my vibration

3.)  I 'know' that it was helping my release a lot of blockages from my physical memory (in my muscles).

4.)I could see in my minds eye a bright green being "working on me" in my minds eye.

Then I read about how it's a Pleiadian connector.  This made sense for some reason (lol)

I sound totally nuts.  But it's true.

Goddess Rosalie: check out my story (below your 04/16/12 reply and the next one) on my moldavite experience with a UFO encounter to pennysuede on 10/04/12 (by Malcolm). I AM CONVINCED YOU CAN CONTACT EXTRATERRESTRIALS WITH MOLDAVITE, but I seriously doubt it was Pleiadians. Billy Meier has now been proven to be a fraud who was trying to start-up and finance an international cult, and he used trick photography with miniature trees and household items to depict his claimed UFO visitations; he used the exact same miniature tree in a two of his "videos" and in different locations, with the camera on a camera stand (and not held by hand). Nevertheless, his description of his alien friends seem to resemble the Nordic/Aryan aliens, and I am wondering if such came to investigate the sexual energy given off by my moldavite crystal. I suspect that this is the case, and thus there is something very special about moldavite. Best, Malcolm

Hi Jennifer,

It's an amazing crystal but make sure your grounded when you use it and try to get some Boji stones as they really help to balance the energies as well. You should start to use Moldavite with Quartz at first. And as a treat try to source the incense and the balt salts it's a truly amazing experience.

Once you start using Moldavite there will be massive shift's in your consciousness and anything that needs to be brought up will be by this amazing crystal. Like yourself I've had crystals around for 15 years and my Moldavite is special. Moldavite works with the ascended  Masters so meditation is enhance along with intuition and alining with your higher self.

Try to get Lemurian Crystals as they are great for Angelic work and you also do distant healing/Personal Healing and there really great. Have a great day.

Kind Regards


Hi pennysuede. I had an encounter with a UFO that has lead me to believe that moldavite is a means of "channeling"  energy to entities outside our planet. On 09/10/2012, at 4:00 AM to 4:30 AM, I spotted a UFO alongside the mobile home of a lady-friend that I spent the night with. It was a wild romp, and my overpriced moldavite crystal pendant was near the bed. I read a few articles on moldavite, and there are many mentions of third-eye use, as well as "extraterrestrial" mentions. I suspect sexual energy was channeled via the moldavite, and high level entities came to investigate. It is also possible U.S. defense perverts were operating a top secret project, and wanted to check out the action (the craft was very close to the bedroom area of house, in front of the parked cars along the side of the house. I spotted the craft through a bathroom window during a bathroom break at 4AM; five dogs were in the house and all were asleep). I like the moldavite theory better, otherwise our government has really sank to a new low.Here is a depiction of what I am certain I saw; it is similar to a UFO seen by a Stephenville, Texas policeman on January 8, 2008. Best, Malcolm

I don't have a moldavite story, but Eric Pearl (healer) has one, and it's interesting:

Tells the story of his going from a large chiropractic center in LA to healer (moldavite incl)


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