Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker - Part 1 - By: Cameron Day

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Written by Cameron Day from ascensionhelp.com, exposing the beings of false Light that have deceived spiritual followers, including the Ascended Masters and ...

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  • Yes, amparo, that`s another subject I`m having hard time to come over with, some of us had the opportunity to have or know such information(s) that would serve the highest good of ALL, right? (right?...) and they withholding it, asking money for it...  are those people here to help, or to get rich via scam? I think we all know the answer to that.

  • I just began to listen to it and I laughed...You said it very well Ona...Either you are a lightworker (serving God and others less fortunate) or you are not, and you are serving the dark or you are a false light being, like many channelers out there that are charging too much money for information that is being given to them for free...

  • I agree. I didn`t even bother to watch the video, honestly. The title tells it all. If you are not a `lightworker anymore`, then you have never been a lightworker to start with.

  • This message is one to confuse those awakening even more...I do not resonate with this nonsense...The light is the light...and the shadows are the shadows...The false light are humans trying to confuse and manipulate those good souls here on earth that are looking to be free of them...(the dark)....

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Alex Jones breaks down how a majority of NIH and CDC experts – epidemiologists, virologists, and physicians who set America’s public health policy – are refusing to take the experimental COVID mRNA vaccine themselves while claiming in the media that…
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