WHOA! UFO Brazil-Feb 24th In BROAD Daylight! Lights Up Sky *HD Video*

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February 24th, 2011 Credit to https://www.youtube.com/user/RealmLeaper Original Video Link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvUel_ZDRdY This video was taken by...

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  • Hey Ed, i am Brazilian born , living in Sydney:-0 and my parents still live close to the area were that video was fimed:-) i just posted a few more today as well. and yes, i have bben researching/studying all that stuuf for years and this video has to be one of the best ones:-0 plus now they have this footages all over youtube about 2 suns..and ships coming out of wormholes..and motherships releasing smaller crafts..i want to see the debunkers coment on those ones ha ha ! keep well brother . peace . Jai
  •  Hey Ranji , thanx for the coment, blessings to  you too :-) hey Ed ,  the translation for this , the most relevant bits would be: after they stoped, the talk goes a bt like that:

    -you cant see nothing from there, you should check trought the camera, its huge:(aslo as usual the battery its just about to run out of power..as it always does!)

    -Its turning, its turning:

    -after it flashes and desappear, one of the guys its really scared and wants to take off as soon as possible, but the guy filming wants to stay and film a bit more..

    I live in OZ but i come from a place about 200 km were this footage was taking and those guys sound pretty genuine by the way they are expressing their emotions..very commom in the country side of Sao Paulo, Brazil..

    wel, i suppose this days , as they are about to show up officially, everywhere in the world is commom for they to appear now ha ha!


    Namaste and happy landing to our space  brothers and siters:-)


  • Wow!   love it!  thanx for sharing

    love and blessings    <3

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