Urgent Message & Call/Decree from the Ascended Masters to assist the Earth Changes 2012-2013

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  • love and blessings Zurakiel !

  • Great Goodness. ONeness of mind and Heart, THANK YOU!

  • thank you Joseph for caring of this Planet 
    much love ♥ 

  • Thank You for sharing dear one :) <3 I do this every single day calling all lightworkers on Mother Earth, All beings of Healing and Harmony in all dimensions, to heal Mother Earth and All forms of Life to be as ONE in respecting eachother in a unified way as in all reality we are definatly ONE :) <3 Abundant Eternal Blessings <38113989078?profile=original

  • wonderful...much love and blessings 
    and thank you for serving the Light upon this Earth Marlena
     have a beautiful weekend !

  • Thank you and much love and light to the Ascended Masters for the profound and positive channeled messages regarding Earth Changes 17/01/2012, I live in New Zealand and we have had numerous earthquakes and aftershocks all happening only in the past 15 months in our South Island in the city of Christchurch and surrounding areas, prior to that traumatic incident New Zealand had never experienced this before that I am aware particularly in Christchurch and we are still rattling away down there. Sadly lives have been lost and some people in the area have lost their homes and businesses my heart goes out to them, I am aware that New Zealand does sit on the ring of fire and we have had earthquakes over many years, but not in such a consistent manner like now, I am fully aware of the Ascension for Mother Earth and the Human Race and I thank the beloved Ascended Masters for their valued information, encouragement and guidance during these volatile times. There is a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel so let's stay focused and move forward together Much love Marlena  

  • God bless you all
    much love  

  • thank you so much for sharing this my dear sister. i love ya. shalom

  • much love Loreta 

  • Thank you for sharing this urgent message!! 

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