UFO Spiral Sighting In Australia - 7 News (5th June 2010)

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J1MZO — June 05, 2010 — Galactic Federation of Light - Interdimensional Portal opens up in skies of Australia reaches Channel 7 News (Australia) - (5th June, 2010).---FIRST CONTACT IS APPROACHING !- Australia is covering up the story, they are saying it's a rocket like Norway.Wake up Australia. They are lying in your faces !---Galactic Federation of Light Interdimensional Portal seen over Norway in December 2009, same incident occured this year over in China, Now in Australia.---http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queen...Strange lights have been spotted in the sky in NSW, the ACT and Queensland, prompting multiple UFO sightings up and down the east coast.A resident of Logan City said the light was seen to the east about 5.30am today."My wife, myself, daughter and son in law al (sic) saw this light this morning," Jazzyoung from Moorina said."Started as a light amongst type of swirling cloud and this cleared as an extremely bright oval shaped light grew larger and larger."It then moved northward and appeared to then back away, like fading into the distance and the swirling clouds appeared before the sky returned to normal."'Nightowl' from Conondale saw the strange swirl of light in Brisbane this morning."As it moved north of us it started to turn from the swirl into an oblong shape."I thought I was seeing things but 4 other people with me saw it and one worker on the highway also saw it."The ABC reports strange 'spiral lights' were also spotted in Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney's north shore early this morning.---SaLuSa (Sirius Star-Nation) 4th June, 2010 Galactic Federation of Light update.After years of expectation and waiting for the changes on Earth that would carry you to Ascension, the conditions are on the verge of dramatically changing. Our work and that of our allies, has progressed to the point where it will not take much more to push the last cabal over the edge, take away their power base and remove them. It will be a most welcome conclusion to years of patient work and planning, that is now coming to fruition. Our approach has always been one of opposing the Illuminati plan by limiting its ability to succeed. It has reached a climax, and their attempts to avoid the ultimate defeat that is staring them in the face are futile. We are at a stage where even their minions are left stranded without any hope of continuing their plan for world domination. In fact it was never going to succeed, as the Creator's plan for you was to complete this cycle with Ascension.Full update read: http://www.galacticmessages.com/blog/...---UFO DISCLOSURE AUSTRALIA. (Mr Stephen Bassett) http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/...PRG's speaking tour of Australia is nearly set. Australia is a very important intelligence ally and great friend of the United States. Since 2006 it has been releasing government held UFO flies. The speaking tour has three basic goals: 1) learn more about what Australians think about the UFO/ET issue, 2) increase awareness of the Disclosure process underway in the United States and elsewhere, and 3) find new support for the advocacy work ahead.Hosts for twelve stopovers have come forward and the schedule has been set except for New Zealand which is still in development. If a stopover in New Zealand is not possible, an attempt will be made to set up another talk in Sydney during that time.Dates and places are shown below along with contacts for anyone who might like information about attending or assisting with a stopover.

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  • muy extrano yo estaba imaginado un espiral en el cielo oscuro del 5th,2010 en este lado de estados unidos y esto ocurre en asutralia, estoy desconsertado por la coinsidencia ,se toma practica pero es posible visualizar el espiral con los ojos abiertos e inclusive ver esferas de luz circulando ei espiral,
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