TUTORIAL: How to destroy the evil forces !

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At this moment I am in a Cafe and it is walking on my finger a small fly that I just rescued from my cappuccino, it was drowning there. This fly made me remember the actual situation that many people are and this tutorial will help them to change this situation that is just a mental projection due to ignorance of what I going to share on this tutorial for free.People from above can teach you how reality is created and then you going to be able to operate in an unimaginable way in your life. This knowledge is based on the bibble(The sacred Torah), but from a Kabbalistic perspective.People that already manifested believe that We are gods and it is not exactly that. It is more that we never imagined that our reality is just a mental projection and by taking care of what we introduce in our minds and the energies we emit is very possible to create a wonderful world but We have been programmed to avoid this to happen. But it is time to discover how reality is made by us and then you will be able to create just wonderful moments and things around you, your family, employees, cells, pets, plants, and the planet as the living being it is...This tutorial I am creating will teach you...How to take advantage of the Law of projectionHow reality is created to know how you can take controlHow to escape the influence of the starsHow to create more angels aroundHow to ascendThe kabbalistic meditationHow to achieve a golden spiritand more...Demons are created by the people and they are real, they are humiliating humanity and they already reveled to their creators which are us and they are trying everything to maintain people with dark spirits, in a low frequency because they do not have a body and they can control us when our spirit is not huge, healthy, strong and golden for lack of light cultivation, the spiritual training.The easiest fastest and more enjoyable method to maintain your spirit shiny, golden, and expanding is with the act of procreation on Friday night for us the Kabbalist but the male orgasm should be avoided. It is the fastest path to enlightenment about that I am talking about in my book The Most Powerful Meditation I wrote at the beginning of this year after felt the urgency to share this knowledge because I was very stuck in a Hell for many years for ignoring this that my Kabbalah teacher, Albert Gozlan shared with me and all their followers.My book: https://amzn.to/367aXJUOn the next is a link with the blog I am writing about Personal Development with a holistic approach...https://www.pranachy.store/blogIf you want my humble opinion, everyone should have plants and a life force generator in the bedroom...https://www.pranachy.store/About the video:It is part of a tutorial I am creating for people who already manifested with the law of attraction and want to bring more blessings to the whole community of this world.This tutorial is made for:Lightworkers, which are the people working in their selves to increase the vibration of the society by increasing their own vibration because they know we are connected.For people that want to increase their vibration because they know that aliens or ascended masters are beings with a high frequency and only by increasing the light on the spirit is how we can bring them into our realities.and especially for you, I am making this tutorial.I AM happy that you are here :)

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