“The BBQ Uprising will be remembered in history” | Joe Warmington with David Menzies

Location: Canada
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►Help keep Rebel reporters safe: http://www.JournalistDefenceFund.com David Menzies speaks with Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington outside Adamsons Barbecue...

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  • Basically what happened. A business was serving customers. In this case, a restaurant serving barbecued food. The owners were asked to comply with mask mandates, and they refused to do so because you can't eat while something is preventing your mouth from opening when wearing the mask. The health inspector comes in, see people are not wearing masks and are eating inside. The restaurant owner is told in no uncertain terms, that eating inside the establishment specifically in door dining is not allowed. In addition, the people are told to vacate the property immediately as they are in violation of non essential travel. The people revolt, and mass anti mask protests erupt on the streets after the owner takes to Instagram to showcase his outrage at the government. The very next day, he gets as a small business, a huge influx of customers because he is trying to support human freedoms. And the government forecloses his restaurant, fines, jails and imprisons all the people at the protest including the owner the very next day. Admits they made a mistake in not closing the eatery establishment down sooner, and declares marshal law province wide. Practically enforcing lock down measures 2.0. All over the pretense of mask violations and social distancing compliance. When in reality, outside the matrix of perceptual acceptable behaviour. the entire show was a power grab and a way to threaten death, isolation, suffering and the inability for hungry customers to even enjoy a meal. If you are of the opinion that the government is going to protect your safety, think again. This is first hand experience at a restaurant in broad daylight. Let alone on a quiet street corner, or at an airport where kids are separated from their parents over the same issue and placed in isolation centres, or detention camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards. Make no mistake, we are at war.
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