Shocking Truth about Cancer & All Diseases

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According to U.S. President's cancer panel... By next year cancer will be the biggest killer in the world and 50 % of all adults will be diagnosed with cance...

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  • This seems to be a good news for cancer patients, and all the others: 

    Scientists find key to 'turbo-charging' immune system to kill all cancers

    Imperial College scientists are developing a gene therapy designed to boost immune cells

                            and this: 

    Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!?

  • All material focused on cancer research indicates the biggest contributors to cancer are stress (both psychological and physiological), lack of needed vitamins and supplements, and excessive animal protein in the diet.  

    You think big pharma and the Washington D.C. (s)elected whores are going to allow changes in education and and culture that may affect their quarterly dividend payments? ABSOLUTELY NOT. And this is why we must continue to focus on changing from within, because big pharma will not allow this on a public and social basis

  •   cancer is big business for the medical industry,funeral homes,transplants,drugs,prisons,etc..we don't just slaughter houses for animals we have both ..animals and humans have cancer cells but can be avoided by making healthy changes but not all people can do this because living standards have drop and therefore people cannot afford heath care let alone healthy food .Junk food is cheaper and deadly and GMO food is every where and not labeled and this is all intentional and the health of our planet has gotten so unhealthy its almost impossible to grow anything in last few decades the planet under went lot of changes ..cold whether is now killing many plants and animals,fish and other aquatic mammals have perished because of toxic substances in oceans,lakes and rivers..mining has become big business ..

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