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The ideological confrontation of our times pits the individual (responsible for his own material and spiritual well-being, comfortable with traditional sex roles, and able to identify with family, race, heritage and nation, while following a path illuminated by the light his Maker gave him) against an array of Collectivist movements. These movements may involve different personalities and use different terminology. But they are generally led by compulsive neurotics or amoral demagogues, determined to reduce mankind to an undifferentiated species: A human ant hill, managed by social engineers at war with history and reason; men and women, who endlessly prattle shibboleths extolling "Social Justice," "Equality," "Democracy" & "New World Orders!"If you look to the Federal Government of the United States as your personal problem solver, this site is not for you.If you see men and women as competing interest groups, or see all men as inherently equal--the apparent differences as unimportant--or if you feel threatened if anyone questions such assumptions; this site is not for you.But if you celebrate the human differences, the uniqueness of every man and every woman, of every race and every culture; if you believe in the importance of instinctive sex roles and heritage;If you believe in the glory of God's Creation, and that each of us is morally and economically responsible and accountable;If you believe in private rights and private arms, in private sex and traditional values, you may enjoy going forward!This site is about direction not progress--direction in Government, direction in the dynamics of Society. Progress without reference to direction is meaningless. A rat riding a piece of crating along the curb to a storm sewer makes rapid progress in a downpour, but very little in a drizzle. Indeed, he may have to get off and run on his own power, if the rain stops. He will definitely have to get off the crating if he would change direction.Mankind, in one form or another, has frequently changed direction. And however denied, it is a given that all that Man has done for good or ill in the past, he can and probably will do again in the future.

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"Pretty certain that your anti-human views would be most welcome at the WEF.....Fear of other people is your norm, it would seem.....As for negative energy, that is precisely what you spread on ACC, whenever you place these types of forums...
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Take the case of humans they transmit energy, vibes and frequencies and also receive energy, vibes and frequencies  knowing this all should keep social distance wherever possible and I will tell you why?VERY VERY FEW ARE YOUR REAL FRIENDS THE OTHERS…
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    An Activity Of Light From Cosmic Beings ByPatricia Cota-Robles  Cosmic Beings from Systems of Worlds beyond our Great, Great Central Sun were given permission by our Father-Mother God to descend into the atmosphere of Earth to help Humanity in…
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