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The American Revolution had very clear direction. The Fathers set their faces against dependence upon Government, dependence upon a collective, in favor of individual responsibility. Progress, in the American context, was always in the direction of reducing the intrusiveness of Government. And in those first few decades, we became more--not less--individualistic; setting the individual free to solve his own problems; making the State and Union dependent for their very survival on an armed and productive citizenry; with a foreign policy based upon mutual respect, goodwill and non-interference in the internal and unique affairs of other nations.188 years ago, having achieved our original goals and reached perhaps a sort of political and spiritual plateau, characterized by the near unanimous reelection of President Monroe--the principles of the Revolution no longer effectively challenged--we began to lose momentum. Since then, subtly, haltingly at first, latterly (since World War I accelerating into the 1930s) as though caught in a great ebb tide, we have lost all sense of that original direction. We have been swept back out to sea, as it were, where all the principles that made America work, have been called into question; where progress has been redefined in terms of a destruction--one after another--of the very principles that made America unique, that gave her strength and freedom.

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This report will use the A.F.A. (American Federation of Astrologers) Horoscope of the United States of America. I like this chart; this will be the only U.S.A. horoscope used in this project. My reasons are Pallas Athena Conjunction Midheaven and…
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The garden developed by the 65-year-old villager boasts of a wide range of 3,000 medicinal plants and Sahu has grown all of it over only 1.5 acre of land behind his house.Juggling between the roles of a farmer and a traditional healer, Sahu has been…
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"Inter-continental T-Mat transfer....YESSSS...!! Wow, the LIGHT is getting there.....🛸------🌍------🌎👍🏻👍🏻"
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"For the Lightworkers! There is no shadow without light."
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"I once dreamed of this ship. The crew waved at me and then took off. The people there looked like my family members. I saw the starry sky above them. The starry sky looked like the Plejardes star system. This Spaceship looks like a Cigar.
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"let's hold the light"
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