Reiki meditation

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  • Dear marikaki, Thank you for your coming by and taking an interest. It is both relaxing and energising.I will explain below. If you have anymore questions, I would be more than happy to give you a response...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun


    CHO KU RAY -
    Pronunciation "choh-koo-ray"
    Known as: "The Power Symbol"
    Meaning: "God and Man Coming Together" or "I have the key"
    The primary use of this Symbol is to increase Reiki power. It draws Energy from around you and it focuses it where you want to.
    Make the sign over the client (or yourself) and say (silently) the words Cho Ku Rei 3 times.
    It is the all-purpose symbol. It can be used for anything, anywhere;
    * For on the spot treatments
    * To cleans negative energies
    * Spiritual protection
    * On food, water, medicine, herbs
    * In sick rooms and hospitals
    * To aid manifestation
    * To empower other Reiki Symbols
    * To seal energies after the treatment, etc.
    You can also reverse the symbol to bring energy to yourself

  • hey chichieun :)
    saw your latest video. i found it to be gentle with a connection to nature. ...i was visualizing forests. thankyou.
    also thankyou for your lovely friendship and connection too.
    also, what is the meaning behind the first and last (same symbol) symbol in the video?
    does it have something to do with continuity with no end and no beginning?

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