Pleiadians contact woman in Colombia part 1 ENGLISH SUBS

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Incredible woman tell her experience with our Pleiadian brothers and what is to come for this year and next. A must share !

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  • Thank very much Van Braun !
  • Great ~ Thank You soo much VanBraun ~ I have not seen these ~ Thanks again mucho appreicate It ! ;)))


  • Go to

    Read the description

    I can help, and i can put it here of coure:


    THE ORGINAL VIDEO OF Amanda Ramírez is here (only Spanish):

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    U must speak Spanish to understand.

    Here a short translation:

    Here name is Amanda Ramírez.
    She has been in telepathic contact with extraterrestials and intraterrestrials.
    She has been in contact with beings from Ursa Mayor and also from Gemini. The beings from Gemini told her that they were from a planet that, like Earth, was on the verge of extinction, but they didn't tell her what they did to overcome this. She's also in contact with the Pleiadians. She describes them as being 2.30 metres tall and wore white tight garments with white boots (a bit like Star Trek). She has been on board spaceships. The Pleiadians took her to a sort of hall of records where events on the Earth (past, present and future) are recorded. All these beings are following us closely and are very interested in what's happening on Earth, as it will affect them.
    She's been told that soon, in two or three years, things will start happening an changing on Earth, and that everything is in place for it to happen.. She says the Earth will enter a sort of magnetic? belt (that wasn't very clear, as there was a lot of background noise during the interview). In fact we apparently have already entered this first belt.
    She also has contact with beings that live inside the Earth, and they took her to see their government and their cities. She describes them as having beautiful gardens and the floors are of many colours. Also the water in their fountains is multicoloured.
    Most dramatic thing she says is that during this time frame 3/4 of the Earth
    population will abandon the Earth. Those more ascended and of higher vibration will be taken to a suitable place, and those of lower vibration will go to a different place, more dense and suitable to their lower level of evolution.
    She says that Jesus is already reincarnated, since the 90's, but that we probably will not see him as this time his figure will not be so public. Also says that some Ascended Masters are reincarnated at these difficult times.

  • I am not sure what you mean How do we Find the other video? would you mind posting it here? Thank YOU so much for informing us of this Bless You VanBraun!
  • Hello all, i'm the youtube uploader of this video and if u click on the video, read the description.

    There u find the translation and orginal Spanish video.


    Don't forget to rate / place a message. People like Armanda Ramirez are very important to watch.

    Peace & Love u all

  • I do agree with all of you. I would be more convincing without thw music and translation. But I did understNd her speaking since she speaks my language. I am researching for the original one. When I find it I will post it.
  • ..the original video must be interesting..this one with music and words (which we dont know if thats what the woman is saying) is not good at all...
  • Where could i find the original video with the original audio please? thank you!
  • this may have been a compelling interview had it not been accompanied with the new age music.. huge turn-off
  • INteresting vide...Thank You for sharing it salamanca ~.I just have few little contradicting feelings ~

    1) She said that Present is Illusion and Only Past and Future is Real and I believe it is the Other way around  In this No time  Zone of the Universe :)


    2) In her other video she said that they Beings were wearing Begie outfits and In this Video she said White...Now it could be just a mistake of the translator as I did not listen to the Spanish version as My spanish is not that good but just for fun I might look them up and re Listen not that it matters that much of the colour it is just I sometimes Question the Authensiticy of some vidoes ~ And I believe this lady...but a Healthy Dose of Discernment never hurts anyONE ~ I say ! ;o)

    Cheers ~ Namaste ~

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