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Join the Awakening! Let´s connect on the 11:11:11:th together through the heart. See You There! Share This Video With Your Friends if You Want to, Ben-Arion

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  • 11.11.11 was when i awake to whats going on, so weird looking back on all this, prior to this date my life was wayyyy different, now i see things clearly within myself...

    nice video Ben, love the nature background <3

  • all hearts as one

    in love and gratitude



  • I went to a lecture today on ascension by Anthea Torr. I have a couple of questions to post:

    - why are we so intent on describing our earthy bodies as  vessels in which to learn certain things[not ever clarified], yet those that give the teachings are constantly upgrading their make-up make their "bodies" LOOK good........I have my doubts on these teachers, because, simply, they themselves are still dealing with  stuff.

    -how-come most people leave feeling uncomfortable and with  the unseen acknowledgement that they forced themselves into a "meditation:" because  it was ..unknowingly ....a part of the lecture. But if I am not there yet, I need to have the space to know that it is OK to not take part..that it is OK to allow these teachings to percolate before testing them out in their entirity.

    -what do you guys think?


  • It's drawing near Ben :-)
  • Hi everyone!=D have anybody has experienced seen 11 11 or 111 a lot? Do you know what does it mean? Could anybody tell me please?
  • Thank you Ben for the lovely message. I will be joining in from Belgium in mind and heart with all other starseeds on this special day. May unconditional Love reign the planet.


  • Beautiful message thankyou.
  • I will joining in houten in holland
  • Thank you for the video message, I am in complete resonance with what you have just said. I will be in meditation at the new city of Auroville, S. India on 11/11/11; see you in the inner plane.

    Love and hugs

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