Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Uriel November 20 2011

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Get Embed Code you set your intention for becomes what receives your attention. When you are energetically and emotionally aligned manifestation occurs within the parameters of your intention. But when you are not aligned with your intention, because your thoughts and beliefs have not yet been integrated to allow yourself to be at the energy of what you wish to manifest, there is no flow and the process is frustrating and disappointing. This is because your attention is displacing energy from your intention.The power of intention is how you allow your divinity to be expressed through your humanity in ways that affirm your worth and confirm your ability to create your reality as you wish it to be. It is through intention, conscious or unconscious, that you create your reality and the family of humanity creates its experience of the world. Unconscious intention is how you draw karmic experiences and the situations that reveal your soul wounds into being. Conscious intention allows you to find the healing and purpose in your lessons because while you allow the healing to occur you also see each situation in its highest aspects, which includes the potential for joy...

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"I explained the new ice age on this blog.....It relates to the Grand Solar Minimum...."
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Beloved ones we greet you,Energetic forces are expanding daily on the planet, these energies are here in support of you in the re-establishment of your own inner sacred connections. The time is now to step forward and claim your place within the…
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"What's with the ice age like conditions globally? Anyone have any ideas?"
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"When the artificial intelligence system collapses, the lying of leading rich figures of the human world will finally disappear. Right now, it is in its infancy and we are experiencing the final wave of chaos.…"
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"Get ready, the monetary abandonment is upon us."
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