Galactic Federation Of Light: The Arcturians - March 18 2011

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Dear grounded ones, we are the Arcturians, here to continue our journey. We wish to remind you again that as each of you continues your awakening to your fifth dimensional SELF, you will remember your life "in between" death and birth, other third dimensional realities, and lives on the higher dimensions. These realities are occurring all at the same moment of the NOW. Therefore, they are not "other" lives—they are "parallel" lives.Your fifth dimensional stepping-stone, parallel reality will assist you in acclimating to your expanded reality at the point of your ascension. This fifth dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF is running concurrently with your third dimensional expression of your SELF. This concept of "it all is happening HERE and NOW" can only be understood from our Multidimensional Operating System. Thus, release your attachment to linear and time-bound thinking, so that you can better understand how parallel worlds are interacting within a vast Cosmic Sea of many frequencies.If any of you have swum in the ocean, or any other body of water, you know that while you are swimming you may go through patches of water that are much colder or warmer. You can feel the warm and cold upon your body, but you cannot see why the temperatures are different. It is the same way with the Cosmic Sea. As your consciousness/Lightbody Flows through the Cosmic Sea, different parallel realities intermingle, overlap and co-exist. You, also, cannot see these different realities, but you can FEEL them, just as you can feel the different temperatures of water. Hence, once you consciously swim the Cosmic Sea, which you often do "unconsciously" while you sleep you will be able to visit many different parallel realities.All of you who have volunteered for this process of personal and planetary ascension will have many initiations. These initiations are necessary so that you can clear fear from your aura and center your consciousness on unconditional love. Whenever you clear your own aura, you also clear a portion of Gaia's aura, as you and the planet are ONE Being. It is this clearing that will assist you to consciously experience your parallel realities, as fear of the unknown blocks your expanded perceptions.

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