Galactic Federation Of Light: Master Hilarion - April 25 2010

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Each of you have been clearing all that you are not and this is an ongoing process and will continue unabated until your Light Body has fully descended into your physical body system. It has been a difficult time for many of you as you continue to wrestle with your own self identity and sense of who you really are, and not only yourself but those that are closest to you. Please understand, Beloved Ones, that there are a great deal of energies intermingling at this time, from the past, present and future, all is coming together, all that needs to be addressed, acknowledged, observed and released. Do not despair, but rather, realize that in the overall Plan, this is actually a very positive occurrence. As you release what you are not and let it go, more Light takes its place within you and this is how you are making inroads on your spiritual journey.It is very important at this time, Beloved Ones, to keep firmly in mind that your thoughts are powerful and that what you focus on, will manifest for you, so it behooves each of you to keep your thoughts turned to the positive, to the highest vision and highest outcome in all situations. We realize that this is very difficult to do when you are in the throes of releasing, just know that you have an incredible amount of support and that you are never alone. Your spiritual guides, teachers and angels work unceasingly with each of you, inspiring you from on high, uplifting your spirits when you grow weary and helping you to sleep so that we can better assist in the adjustments to your physical bodies. The changes within you are happening at a much faster rate now and those of you reading this message are at the forefront of the metamorphosis taking place within you and upon and within the Earth. As you change, Mother Earth also changes and you help each other along the path to Ascension.We advise, as before, great amounts of pure, clean water, more than adequate rest and as much time outdoors as is possible, for these three things do much to restore and maintain your equilibrium at this time. Many of you are feeling the desire to bring your physical bodies into greater health and performance for you are responding to the urges of your Higher Self as you are being prepared to embody your higher bodies and to become more multi-dimensional than at present. It is a challenging time for all and also the most exciting time to be alive and expressing upon this Planet at this most significant turning point in Her history. Mother Earth is truly grateful for all the energies of Love and healing that are being sent to Her. If you are one who tears up as you decree the Invocation to the Cosmic Light, we wish for you to realize that what you are experiencing is the immense gratitude of Mother Earth as you do this and this gratitude expresses through you as the welling of tears and choking of voice, for Her gratitude knows no bounds. The more you are attuned to Mother Earth, the greater the feeling of empathy with Her.

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  • Great video and very good message to all beings on Earth.
    A great number of people are going to Doctors and Hospitals complaining about stomach aches, head aches , under stress etc but most of them are not aware that as Earth is raising its frequency and moving into 5th Dimension it is also effecting all beings on Earth and even most of the Medical Staff are not aware that in most cases this is the cause for the patients symptoms. This Ascension Videos should be played in all Doctors Surgeries and Hospitals to make people aware about the changes that are taking place and how it is effecting them and what they can do to heal themselves. Namaste
  • love-always....g.
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