Galactic Federation Of Light: Master Hilarion - December 19

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The coming week will bring with it deep feelings of joy and contentment for those of you who have been doing the work of transmutation and there will be a general feeling of upliftment within your inner Being. The road to equilibrium and balance has been long and filled with many steps forward and many steps back. This is the way of learning that has been the norm for many centuries upon your Planet Earth. All of that is about to change, Beloved Ones. Soon you will be experiencing a new kind of learning, a learning that is fun, that is filled with joy, with wonder, awe and the sense of magic, a feeling that all things are possible, for indeed it is so!We thank each of you for taking time each day to honor those of the Spiritual Hierarchy during the Seven Sacred Weeks. We are filled with joy that so many have taken up these calls and that by doing so, we begin to work more consciously in a greater unity than ever before. Each of your homes are filled to capacity with Beings of Light and the Elemental kingdoms. Try to become aware of the sense of wonder, of magic in the air. Be open to miracles and synchronicities. You are here to experience Life and as the days move forth into the New Year, you will be experiencing Life in a state of happiness and joy.Your ability to keep the Cosmic Christ Light pouring through you into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and in anchoring and grounding it each day is helping our Earth Mother in her ascension process. During this Solstice, many opportunities are presented to each of you to become more conscious of the 'unseen' worlds around you. Hold to your visions and pour out your Love to all around you. Know that a single smile can light up an entire room and change the denseness of the energies in an instant. One person who daily works with Light can stabilize many chaotic energies. This is the task that is before you as you celebrate with your loved ones and help to transmute old energies and patterns between you. Great good is being accomplished to clear the way for the new ascended Earth reality. More...

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