FOX NEWS LIES! FOX NEWS LIES! Geraldo Driven Out Of Occupy Wall Street Protest - Oct.10, 2011 ( Make Viral )

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October 09, 2011

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  • Whatever a Being speaks and /or thinks resonates within its Being. This resonance generates a current which manifest itself through the body of that Being. If that which the Being resonates rings truth with those who are the intended recipients, then the Being in turn gains strength through their energy. If however what is projected loses its potential strength, in that the recipients recognize that incoming information as poisonous, then hollowness and emptiness is returned. So something is always returned.

    Look carefully at the movements of this Being. It is the depiction of a hollow and empty vessel that once harvested great strength. Its words however dark, once rang true to a large number of people, and this Being inturn received lots of energy. This Being still receives lots of energy although the quality involved is of a differing kind - a hollow and empty kind that is obviously devouring its host.

    The lively anchors of darkness that once held their million-claws in the multitude of men can no more find ground in which to pitch their brand of reality. So they spring hither and thither to no avail, because the womb that once bred their lies is drying fast. And so nature still plays the game passing no judgement, but merely regurgitating what has been ordained back to the inquisition.

    That which this Being once fed to the masses is now being force-fed to this Being -


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"Some good news-peace on the horizon-though Chicoms may end up brokering a deal and then getting contracts to rebuild and more importantly to them grain shipments that would cut grain shipment to Africa-Didn't Africa used to export grains RL?
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