Experiences and Events for August 15th 2009

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This has to do with the experiences and events of August 15 2009 and the several emails and calls Ive gotten pertaining to that event.

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  • O on another note, I have a good friend who is a celebrity who is part of the Metal Mulisha Dirt bike group. He is having so many experiences and is very empathic like me, and felt like an outcast. Someone interviewd him and he tried to talk about the black helicopters and the media crew got upset with him, awhile back. Now his manager wants him to come out and tell the world what his experiences are, the sonic booms hes been hearing near his property, Chemtrails all that. We need more people like that who are waking up. He wants to learn more and he hates this government! arghhhh!
  • Hi JEan, actually I have done all that, omg, While I was pointing at every chemtrail and trying to jolt people out of their fantasy reality they looked at me as schizo and paranoid! I was in the Army and lots of major crap happened to me there, and Im finding out that I was possibly abducted by the MILABS who did some horrible shyte to me and had post traumatic stress because of it. So I feel you man, I been there, even had my older 2 kids taken from me from a major ass whose family is connected to one of the Red Fest Club . I even went to jail for standing up to the police! But I couldnt change a damn thing. I also hated being angry and hating life everyday I also grew to be a miserable person. Now I believe that we need to wake up the herd and tell others that STOP TAKING SHYTE TO KILL YOUR BODY etc. and yes focus on awakening spiritually because it is only when we do awaken we are able to change the horrible reality around us. So far it seems to be working. People are listening to me more then ever before. You should see my earlier videos! lol Boy was I hated on! lol ha ha ha. No more vaccines for my lil ones They can all go Fuck themselves. lol Hell yeah! I like Jean Francois your kewl, your a True Soldier of the Human race who doesnt take shyte thats good. You keep on Brother. Hey maybe I will even Interview you, are you down??? I love your passion.
  • I couldnt agree with you more Jean Francois. I dont believe in a UFO to save us. It begins with ourselves and listening to our feelings and becoming aware to what is going on around us. But BUT!!! Not to focus only on the negative of what is being done to us. Its good to be aware but turn your focus on CREATING A BETTER REALITY not a FEAR BASED REALITY. TRUST ME I AM VERY MUCH WIDE AWAKE AND INTEND TO GUIDE OTHERS IN RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY, NOT BY SITTING ON MY ARSE BUT BY ACTUALLY GOING OUT AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, FILM PLACES INTERVIEW PLACES EDUCATE OTHERS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US BUT TEACHING THEM TO TAKE THEIR POWER BACK! THAT WE ARE THE SAVIORS WE ARE GOD AND ALL THAT IS. NAMASTE! :)
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