Entering the storm of Critical Mass: 2010

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In this video, I give my intuitive feelings to what the 2010 year may hold and where I see us as a whole heading toward as the days, weeks and months pass us by...

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  • usa is started another war with yemin,,,i suppose your ok with that right?
    if its obama doing it ,must be ok right?
  • even the most spiritually advance ufos out there war with the dark when its necessary
  • you dont think that if 5 000 000 people went to washington in a peacefull march things wouldnt change? hell ya they would....but it would take men ,not cowards like u...to stand up for injustice and for humanity...
    its not by repeating love 1000000 times that things will change dumb dumb
  • screw your negative energies...this is important...
    didnt jesus kick ass in the church vs the merchants??hell ya he did...why cant we get mad at injustice??
    doing nothing is the coward way....so screw you petar
  • all these things could stop tomorow if people had a little more brains than u
    and stood together and demanded better
    this is negative???wow you dumb
  • if you think chemtrails are ok
    false war on muslims
    raping true taxes
    people loosing homes
    kids living in garbage dumps
    etc etc you are dumber than i think...
  • inaction = complicity <<ill translate for peta
    it means if you participate and accept you are as guilty as the one doing evil...
    standing in silence in the presence of evil is what u are doing...and youll pay...trust me
  • so lydia wouldnt it be great to start creating our new earth without poisons in our food,famines,$, racism, and wars?
  • petar your a real big idiot...
  • maybe if i close my eyes while im having a car accident, it wont happen.....<<<<thats the kind of reasoning your doing......
    maybe if i bury my head in the sand this fire will pass right by.. <<< u see dumb dumb..
    we need action ... not words
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""We mean to cancel the world you civilized people made. We will simply erase history from the time that machinery and weapons threatened more than they offered." Quote from the movie...

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