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  • I'm always keen to observe the condemnation of evil acts, such as the stabbings in Mannheim, Germany....And it's important that we all appreciate the difference between a Moslem and an Islamist.....The former being a religious person of faith, as with any faith and the latter being an obvious political jihadist....sometimes prepared to commit to violence..

    Director of the Oxford Islamic Information Centre, Dr Sheikh Ramzy, fully condemns this attack upon people attending a right-wing event, in Mannheim...
    And rightly so, that ALL moral people, of whatever faith, or none, should condemn such barbarian violence.....

    The prophet seeks peace, not conflict.....and the Sheikh mentions how collective Moslem reputations are harmed, by such individual attackers...
    And of course, unity is the answer, but must be built upon rational solutions..

  • Historical political changes of great national significance, spanning a century, in which traditional Labour Party northern English electoral strongholds, had stood resolute in loyality to their party...THE LABOUR RED WALL...Kept in place, red brick, by red brick, across family generations of proud working-class people, to suddenly come crashing down on 12th December, hit by a GREAT BLUE WAVE, for the first time in British history....The best Tory GE result since 1987 and the worst Labour GE result since 1935......historical year 2019.....

  • The illustrious Count has created yet another cultural icon, for our Anglospheric civilisation to mark on future calenders in celebration. Festivities to rival November 5th....

  • Just as Scrooge had three ghostly visitations in one Christmas night, Corbyn's one Red Spectre visits him on three nights, this historical December:

    1] Election night 12th - "A spectre haunts Europe, the spectre of communism..!!" [Marx quote.]

    2] Friday the 13th - The spectre of defeat.

    3] Christmas festivities 25th - The spectre at the feast.

  • The Attorney General; Geoffrey Cox, made a rousing speech condeming Brexit delays, I describe as the; "THIS PARLIAMENT IS DEAD..!" speech..He mocked opponents of Brexit and warned them; "THE TIME IS COMING WHEN EVEN THESE TURKEYS WON'T BE ABLE TO PREVENT CHRISTMAS..!"

    Marvellous orator, delivered in the House of Commons, Sept 2019...;-]

  • A December General Election is rare in the UK...The last one was held in 1923; 6th Dec, which resulted in a hung Parliament...Prefer a working Tory majority, this time...a century later, thereabouts....12/12

  • Jeremy Corbyn is a danger of the reddest hue, in the UK. He has a faith and it's called Communism. Currently, his lifelong love for Karl Marx is flavour of the month among Globalist Elitists, determined to destroy nations, economies, freedoms, tradititions, cultures, education, entertainment, arts, history, health and sanity itself....

    So, stop loony toon left and VOTE TRUE BLUE CONSERVATIVE on 12/12......"Remember, remember, the twelth of December; liberty, Brexit & God..!"


  • Blessings to the Chief Rabbi; Ephraim Mervis, for his timely condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, for disgraceful anti-semitic practices towards Jewish members, being persecuted by the hard left...I also approve the Archbishop of Canterbury's support, offered the Chief Rabbi, anent this matter...My advice is; DON'T VOTE LABOUR next Month...

  • Christian antiquities stolen from Syria, by ISIL, turn up in Lebanon.....

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