Drekx Omega 6-12-16 Introducing Humanoid ETs of Eta Ophiuchi, aka Sabik Galactic Federation of Light

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http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/introducing-the-humanoid-ets-of-eta-ophiuchi-aka-sabik-members-of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cmA3KkYS5c S...

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  • Thanks for directing him back to the original, Ivy and I'm pleased that Roaring found the details of interest...😁 Well fellas, you know I'm always here to both inform and to entertain.
    .....You're welcome...!!
  • Thanks a lot. It has very interesting details.☺
  • Roaring, you don’t need to watch the video, you can also read the original post here: https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/introducing-the-huma...
    Introducing the Humanoid ETs of Eta Ophiuchi, aka Sabik - Members of the GFL
    Selamat jalwa.......!!! In this instance, we have a rare piece of camera work taken in Southern Europe, which captures a diplomatic telepathy, condu…
  • I will come, but I am not always able to watch vids. I need first to make some 'data deals', which are not always good.
  • I wonder if our friend, Roaring Lovely, of science bent, would care to come onboard and scrutinize this "UFO" video, which I explain in the parallel title vid...?? C'mon down all you objective science guys and egg heads....😇
  • I'll embed the video here, for reference, rather than the link alone....Use fullscreen..

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"A single volcanic eruption can completely change history. As the one back in 536 A.D.

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"Judith, that "dyslexia" remark was intended for Marker Dragon...The advice about health was intended for yourself, just to clarify..
Hope you get surgery for this if it is that far gone...Best of luck..."
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"Thank you Drekx. I am not dyslexic, but terribly intimidated by you and others that are extremely knowledgable about so many things. I am a special ed teacher as well and take strong offense to this remark, though you had no idea. It is irrelevant…"
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"I would like to share with ACC a video, that explains extremely well, the secrets to looking younger....

Personally I am already doing what Dr Berg recommends and can testify to it's veracity...

Important to note, this is not simple topical…"
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"MD: Judith described it as "non cancerous," so your advice seems somewhat irrelevant...In fact, it suggests that you have some type of inability to read and think clearly....Maybe a dyslexia...? I noted this the other day when you misread my…"
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