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Death Interviewed Part 3 link to full document are you able to place your trust in Life, when Life as one with You as consciousness programmed designs meets its inevitable certain end and nothing else remain as all dies with me, as all is removed with me, as all vanishes with me, as all disappears with me, as all dissipates with me? All of who and what you are and have becomeLife is not certain human beingDeath is certain human being! I would not place my trust into something that is able to be removed, that is able to vanish, that is able to die, that is able to disappear and dissipate in one moment like Life and You as consciousness programmed designs. This includes placing trust in who and what you are and have become, as well as your experiences of life and living in this world along with the rest of humanity because it is all consciousness programmed designs that has a beginning and an end, the end signified by the inevitability and certainty of death!Only in consciousness programmed designs does there exist a beginning and an end as cycles which you refer to as: The Cycle/Circle of Life. The circle never complete, there is a gap as the circle starts but never completes itself because it ends before it returns to the beginning again, therefore it is an incomplete circle and becomes a cycle which exist in consciousness. The consciousness programmed Life, defeated by Death as who I am. All circles as human beings as consciousness programmed Life cycles ends the end an absolute end where you as one with this consciousness programmed Life vanishes, disappears and dissipates infinitely never to return to such an existence again. The systematic programmed consciousness robot zombie as You along with the stored and absorbed information of life and living as consciousness defined programmed Life meets its final end with me Death! desteni desteniproductions bernardpoolman estenidewet sunettespies cerisefidelis mattifreeman bellabargilly darrylwthomas andrearossouw maitezamoramoreno leilazamoramoreno

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  • Aldin
    your sense of intuition and comprehension is warped by an inability to be flexible in your
    communication skills.
    Is that you Aldin are you the voice of the skeleton?
    Are you the one with the attitude problem?
    I would like to go over my comment line by line---- and debunk your reply which you addressed---
    Eddie Spagetti
    First of all ____ PLease NOte--
    I have changed my name
    I am now called Eddie Rock Steady
    Even though my name has changed I am still the same person----
    Similarly when you die your body wil change but YOU--- the real you will still exist
    the name form appearance might be diferent but your consciousness will still exist
    Can I prove this ?---well to an obstinate closed mind being probably NOT-----
    When you were a young child your body was smaller than now and looked similar but slightly different in
    weight and form.
    Where is that BODY?
    Gone.... dead....yet you still exist.. you have changed it.
    here is an illustration of the body changing---- yet the ensouling consciousness remains until it can no longer habitate the form.
    Captin is right in his response also mentioning that consciousness is the crucial factor.
    Aldin I do not appreciate your twisting of my words around.
    Telling me I should ----
    You should better be quite, because otherwise you just babble none-sense based on beliefes and knowledge and information from others.
    First of all there are certain rights I have as a member of this social network and I have a right by my Terms Of Service--- TOS-------
    to make a comment nonsense or valid -----so ..................
    STFU( of course you can reply but I cant stop you)

    When I said the skeleton was an illusion--- I meant that normally skeletons dont talk they are lifeless by themselves without a form and a spirit animating them.
    The skeleton talking is not for real its a fabricated computer generated technique to transmit a message.
    I see one of your tags on the video is Atheism
    Atheism is only a belief
    Its just like any other belief and the belief is paradoxical and self contradictory.
    If you dont want to believe in mainstream religion and personal GODS thats fine--- but to have an attitude about what others should believe is not nice and fills me with an urge to defacate.
    You have every right to say how and what you feel--- and you can spout your---

    wow - What a load of crap comments ----- all you want

    For you----- Death is supreme and your GOD
    you worship death and soon your body will fall down and you will bow before death
    So you do have a god and belief
    your god is the supreme death
    and your belief is in the NO BELIEF

    BTW I can hardly understand what the hell that twisted skeleton is talking about.
    I love you brother but you know what you have a big-----
    Love and peace
  • Eddie Spagetti

    Death is an illusion, and Death do not exist? - because a book tells you so, because others tell you so? If you havent found it out for yourself DIRECTLY - You should better be quite, because otherwise you just babble none-sense based on beliefes and knowledge and information from others.

    Have a look at Consciousness - it is NOT powerfull nor do it exist for ever. The Physical is the real Master and is the only thing that is real:

    Consciousness CAN NOT remove the Physical - - but the PHYSICAL can remove your Consciousness in One Moment.

    Death removes your Consciousness but your Consciousness is not able to remove Death - you will die as I will die as everyone will die inevitably - this is an Fact - Consciousness dies.
    You beliefes about Consciousness beeing forever is just to make you feel good in this Life on earth for the little time-frame we all have while we are here, because we have no idea what awaits us Really - and Humans fear the Unknown.
  • This is a funny animated skeleton with a computer manipulated Voice with a German Accent
    and an attitude problem
    Sounds just like that You Tuber Destiny but the speed is changed.
    This skeleton is an illusion just like Death.
    Consciousness is ever exisitng has always existed.
    It is the illusion that is about to perish
    This domain may be for sale!
  • wow - What a load of crap comments
This reply was deleted.
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