Atma - eternal boundlessness

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I am the substance that will make your third eye cryWho Jah bless, let no man curseI am the substance that will make your third eye cryWho Jah bless, let no man curseIll be on 'em like a message from godWho Jah bless, let no man curseknowledge of self will make MC's play hardThe transcendental articraft beyond birth and death on the path of perfection with the map of the essence i eternally endeavor know the ledge god head elevation the matchless gift in this garden of god to see the spiritual world but its hard to see through this illusionary movie i strive to be conscious of my own immortality inevitable vision beyond the astral sphere so ascend within innerspace the deathless samadhi where im not the body but the physical the astral the causal the spirit soul the infinity underneath the three bodies made of light drawn energy self manifested pure consciousness will laugh at death throw off a bag of flesh several bodies a fusion ready for ascension through infinite dimensions no fear no tension plus the science of the self renisation of the soul transmigration of the all transpersonal on the inner journy through the spirutual skies back to godhead the kingdom of god is realized know your not the body or the mind in this illusionary world not of it look above it son cuz its truely not the bliss for we look for visually a place of birth old age death and suffering[chorus]we're eternal with an eternal boundlessness the inner self spark of god be infinite y'all light's too bright for unawakened eyes of men i transcend bend space time ascendwe're eternal with an eternal boundlessness the inner self spark of god be infinite y'all light's too bright for unawakened eyes of men peace be still know god dwells withinThe observer is the universe i said it yo prophetic to phonetic flows rappin intellects with intrel specs son check the weight of reason sages vs demons pages of soliliquois and the things be in the void i meditate past pray past the milky way seven chakra galaxies lay within inner space youth the age birth the death the dead weight of inertia takes the breath back to the unmanifest perceived earth visually within lies eternity in the world of illusion cosmic delusion made of atoms molecules subatomic particles five elements mind intelligence the dream consciousness of the omni present person infinite universes eminating from its pores beings of galaxies for the planets be the lords see the source within all and the all within the stars the one has become many who sent me a phoenix wouldnt fly to give light to dark cities full of strangers anger psychic torture chambers i make them split in two spittin' jewels at these fools[Chorus]I came to bring the science that god's rocking the stages i am no man from no mans land no matter the ancients beyond the bounds of physical science mystical reliance by constructing power building towers in defiance alliance meditation becomes communication mad spirits descend through the tongue of the seraphim blend quantum physics revelations of the mystics transpersonal psychology ideology infinite yet every core resonates universal law the breath of the creator made from two arms of god a chorus of the bond of bonds pulse para matma curin' the maniac contact last laugh around the zodiac beyond solar systems national archeology archetype feel like nephogens emanates from the mic on the lyrical incarnations caused from star constellations celestial geometry tetrahedral isosceles toss emcees with the god degree through the all seeing eye define hypotheses you studied the gross yo i studied the most high the third eye awoke from its psychic slumber[Chorus]ATMA - Eternal boundlessnessBUY ALBUM NOW:

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  • So good to see people actually about it.
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