A "Fly-Over-Procedure" by The "Galactic Federation"

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This is a Typical "fly-over-procedure" by The Galactic Federation, with their "lightships-vehicles". Small sightings over Citys that slowly will increase in numbers. "Official Contact" is not just ONE event, it's an "unfolding" sequence. It is happening right now, it will step up and be more and more obvious to Everyone. /Ben-Arion

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  • I welcome all of these fly-overs! However in my opinion they are still way to few and especially to short in order to provoke the needed broader public attention. I understand that seemingly the greatest concern of the Galactic Federation is not to induce fear - but on the other side I see many millions of people and animals suffering in an avoidable manner that could rather easily be abolished as soon as it had become general public knowledge that there is indeed free energy technology already available (but currently still suppressed) that powers these light ships! So every day without full disclosure indirectly causes the needless death of many people - especially in the "Third world".

    In German language there is a saying like this: "Better an end with fear than fear without an end!"

    And there is much wisdom in that saying.

  • Dear Ben

    Trusting the feeling/discearnment on the crown, always know when it is or is not a fly-over!

    If you know what I mean.  Also in the Dutch skies almost on a daily basis.

    Even sometimes a inner calling draws us outside and then voila........showtime!


    Love and light Helene






  • So beautifull!! 

  • That was fantastic Ben!  Did you take this footage? It looked to me like the photographer was expecting the ships to appear. I sure wish I can that kind of fore-site! Either way, it was great to see, thank you for posting it.

  • Very nice thanks for sharing!

  • ~~As it is in all things~and has been since the beginning of time~~ we have been and are in Spiritual Warfare.  We all have a dark side and a Light Side.  There is real and not real~ truth and lies~ Holograms~cover-ups, denials~Accept  or reject~I never liked others trying to control or manipulate me~~ but I came here to Trust and Learn~ I can go to face book to argue~ Thank you Ben~~in Gratitude, in Peace with Love, Joy and Compassion~

  • @InfiniteConsciousness: No matter what we see in this video, its an "example". To me "personally" it does not look like "military" crafts. No one can tell. No one knows. Ive seen many "crafts" like this in my skies in sweden, its like Glowing Fire Orbs, exactlty as we see in this video. I can just compare it to what ive seen in "my - life". Just wanted to "illustrate" how it looks like when the federation plays in our skies.

    There are alot of military crafts, but there are also alot of "Light Crafts". And they are as real as the military crafts, there are Tons of other videos showing Great examples of the "Light Ships from the Federation" souring through the skies. If someone does not get Good vibes from this video, people can Search on youtube and Be inspired. This is an Inner shift, but also a Grand "JOYFUL" surprise. Humanity will sooner or later Know the Truth.

    The ships can appear in many ways, depending on how they want to be seen. This is more a "Peaceful Light Show" that says, "here we are" from "my" point of view. The point is, that is most important, that these sightings will become more and more evident. Its a part of the "plan". But what do I know, im just a simple human being ;) Its true that Many beings dont need "crafts" but they want people to "Notice" them, and this is a Good way to "show of in a loving non-intrusive way".

    The Earth-Military are "so left behind" and its just Silly to watch their crafts...They Need the "Chill-pill".
    I get good vibes from this video. But thats me, we are Free to Believe its the "SECRET" military if we want.

    With Respect and Humbleness!

    Peace Brother***

    This is a great example from India, which is NOT "Military" crafts (From My Point of view ofcourse, not someone elses)

    Some more Dancing Lights in The Sky:

  • :) nice try though

  • ben brother these are not GFL ships i dont know if u knew this but triangle craft are "US" militray this video is old wiki leak (few years old)....i dont care who belives me but in this case these are human craft part of the elite side trying to undermine us....many sighitngs like this have been reported over clai,nevada, and phonix..... just look into triangle ufos/us military....most gfl beings dont need craft they can transcend space faster than lightspeed... ufo over london on youtube is a tru gfl fly over not this sorry ben...remember consciousness is the ground of all being the 0 dimension from whitch all other dimesnions of being come from, our light brothers have much more beautifull craft, or they travel as pure light, as buddah did after activating his crown chakra....



    much love and thanks for this video....remain true to your meditations, dont try, just do..... namaste

  • You say you "remember" all of who you are ...........what exactly do you "remember"?   Be specific.

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