A Call to Heal the Waters ...FANTASTIC

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Dave Courchene of the Turtle Lodge Speaks to World Unity and the Healing of the Gulf. http://www.theturtlelodge.org/http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Turtle-Lodge/120821970855Music by Nadalokah http://nadalokahmusic.com/https://www.youtube.com/user/Musicalspheres111Video by UnityWave http://www.facebook.com/pages/UnityWave/121132971242675?ref=mfhttp://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=88&post=281&uid=1211329712426...Unity Wave was born in recognition of the need for an unprecedented response to co-ordinate a world wide, synchronized outpouring of conscious intention to cleanse the Gulf oil spill and restore the area back to its natural beauty.You can actively contribute by consciously holding your focused intention for the Gulf of Mexico. Together we will create a powerful group synergy... the Unity Wave.http://www.unitywave.com/The entire transcript for this video is posted at http://www.unitywave.com/elders.html"I propose we do a Water ceremony -- that each of us get a bottle of clean Water, hold it close to our hearts and offer a prayer. Through the Water, send a message of gratitude to the Earth, and to all Water of the Earth that has been affected and contaminated. Send your love to the Water and to Mother Earth.This strong love of Spirit that you will put into the Water will give strength to Mother Earth.""Dave Courchene" Elder Native Aboriginal "Unity Wave" "Red Shadow Dancers" NadaLokah "consicous intention" intention focus synergy meditation prayer water "gulf oil" healing Unity Love Spirit bless blessing "blessing water"

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  • why do people still always talk about God as if he is a person in the sky?

    is it not true that we are co-creators?

    is it not true that we are all one , and will return to the source?

    is this not why we are to love each other,because is the same as loving thyself !?

  • Dear Ahastavita you are absolutely right ...most humans or so called humans on this Planet are Rascals...We should introduce lessons in Schools where they teach youngsters to be Good to Nature and Good to all Living Entities...and compulsory classes for Adults who are past school age on how to live in the Mode of Goodness on this Planet
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