".... So another made a great study of the system--this wondrous system of Pleiades of which your sun is a part-- and it was discovered that at absolute right angles to the movements of the suns, a Photon Belt--or also called Monasic Ring--a phenomenon which scientists have not yet been able to reproduce with laboratory instruments, was noted. Now, it takes your sun 24,000 years to complete an orbit of your own system and as seen or could be seen by a [the above] diagram.

That orbiting cycle is divided into sections. There’s the 10,000 years of “darkness” and this is the period as you know it now--daytime and nighttime--and the 2,000 year period of all light and again 10,000 years of “darkness” and 2,000 years of light. Now what does this mean? Well basically it means that you’re now poised, precious ones, to enter this Photon Belt." - GCH

Listen to Hatonn explain about the Photon Belt here:





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  • "... As you know, your solar system is a part of the Milky Way galaxy as you have identified it. Your solar system revolves around the Milky Way in an orbit that takes some 206 million years as you would calculate in your numbers. We can refer this revolution of your solar system around the galaxy as the Great Cycle Orbit. Your solar system (our solar system--for you are a segment within the solar system (actually) of Pleiades with our Central Sun), was created some time in your type of counting at least 4 1/2 billion years ago. This rough estimate will serve us well enough for our purposes herein. I am not going to teach you "truth in astronomy" nor "astrological divining". This corresponds to 22 Great Cycle Orbits of your solar system around the Greatest Central Sun, not to be confused with the Central Sun, Alcione, of Pleiades. You see and must understand that the Divine Plan as regards YOU is not finished--only progressing into other expression of the continuing "play" in action." - Hatonn, page 7-8, "Through Darkness into Light".
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