Milky Way

Milky Way

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  • Thank You,Star Blossom Goddess!That's a lovely story and inspiration!
  • I am a channeler who creatively writes. When I saw this picture this is what emerged.
    She sits in the dark wood awaiting light...And as she waited, she felt the moon and stars energy. It traveled around her in orbs of rainbow colors until a red boost of energized light filter in her. She suddenly found her self light years away. It was a place of beauty that she carried deep inside her cellular memory. The longer she stayed the more consumed she felt in the light of pure love. She knew she was home when she reached the star system of the Pleaidies galaxy. There a dear one surfaced on one of the planets to greet her. “My name is Heyan and you my child is Julorbe goddess of the 7th sun. Thought our visit is a short one on this night within the new rising energies, know that your mission is a special one which will hold importance to many. Just follow your heart. It will reveal itself and unfold accordingly, at the proper time. So Patience be yours,” he concluded and then with a kiss on her far head the white figure was gone. The kiss filtered through Julorbe until it carried her back to earth. Back to her temporary home before ascension takes place.
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