Galactic Council Portrait 72

my council satr family

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  • I love it!!:) You even made the reptillian look friendly, I like that :) 

  • That's really beautiful Tiamacious :) I would like to hear more!
  • Than you! May prime creator always be with you!

  • Greetings Tiamacious,

    Many thanks for introducing your beloved family.

    Much love, blessings , peace , joy and gratitude.

    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)


  • I will post more later!
  • Qvrp



    Female 8D

    Iridescent Rainbow

    All That Is

    Permeates Everything


    I am very tall and slender and wear a crown of love. I am female though present as androgynous. Like the Buddhist way, I stand in the middle; neutral without attachment. In stillness I experience deep knowing. I am a bright light yet hidden. Circulating like air I am present though not always seen. I am a waveform, graceful and fluid in my movements, and can change colors according to my intention of creation. In the breath of a moment I can infuse the energy necessary to actualize new worlds of consciousness.

    My expansion is such that I communicate my thoughts and feelings to others telepathically. Once I convey a message to another the awareness of it is simply there within them as a knowing. I speak through feelings and one must be in their heart to communicate with me.

    My eyes provide a gateway into worlds upon worlds within this universe—the energy of the All That Is. The smooth flowing web of Oneness connects all Arcturians together. That web allows Arcturians to see all perspectives and options at once. Then, as they move forward in their knowingness, events unfold continuously before them. Arcturians experience a vastness of expansion where the entire scope of their energy permeates everything that everyone else does in this universe.
  • Liykose

    (like-ose) or (lye-kose)


    Male 5D





    Works with Light

    Centering within Oneself

    I am a self-assured persevering and gentle warrior with a brilliant heart and fleeting agility. Within my beingness I carry a reflective wisdom and deep inner peace.

    Upon my head sits a lotus flower which represents my heart-centered love for nature. My planet is thick with vegetation and has red sand with volcano like cones.

    I love to “fly” or, in your understanding, transport myself to different places with just a thought.

    I behold all beings in their divine form. I do not set myself above others. Rather I walk beside them knowing that everyone can walk in their divine form. I experience a vast understanding of a multitude of beings.

    I see holographically. When gazing upon a portion of something I can see a total image of it at the same time. In other words from any angle I can see the whole of the parts.

    At times, I am a projection of the entire Galactic Council of Light. I walk with the focus and clarity of the group. I take all the individual perceptions and coalesce them into one.

    I can assist you with staying centered within yourself and owning who you are by utilizing the elements of Light.
  • Nzuyv Vtvov

    (en-zoo-yiv vit-vohv)


    Male 6D

    Harvest Gold

    with Red Orange Hues

    The Now



    I am a quick-witted jolly character with a limitless sense of humor. I am adept, self-assured, forthright, resourceful and filled with infinite wisdom and love. My sparkling eyes radiate the energy of the Divine to all I gaze upon.

    I experience clarity of purpose and emanate the presence of the divine masculine.

    I am a healer with a great knowledge of what one needs in the moment.

    Light being speed, I am quick flowing and active in movement. I am a shapeshifter.
  • (oh-supp-oh-v)

    Alpha Centurian

    Female 5D

    Gold White Light

    Reflective Permanence


    I am peace, compassion, purity, and oceans of green waves. My heart-connection manifests as gentle nurturing beauty.

    I delve deeply into your soul, see who you really are, and draw that out for you to see and experience more of your Divinity. I possess the ability to move mountains where the effect of the movement is enormous yet so subtle that you may not know anything occurred within or around you. I blend into the background though am still present. I move like air and am in and out like a whisper.

    Reflective permanence bestows unchanging strength and presence for others. I am that reflective permanence. The reflection I offer always shows the brilliance of the gazer’s Divine truth. I am a lighthouse for those in the boat in a fog. I provide a way through the dark. The fog changes though the lighthouse always remains constant.
  • I guess this will be the new thread!



    Zeta Reticulan

    Female 6D

    Clear Bright Yellow



    Unified Love

    Medical Doctor

    Teacher - Children

    I am a kind, compassionate and humble being who has spent thousands of years studying and integrating emotions and feelings to bring about the unified love of Spirit.

    I am based on a large space station and am considered to be an emissary or ambassador who understands creation through the emotional body.

    In my world I am also what you would call a medical doctor and a teacher. My interests have led me to work with healing through energy, genetics and the creation of life. At this present time I am teaching children and absolutely cherish the experience.
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