Eating from the Tree of Immortality IV

The concept for these images is taken from Jewish and Christian writings on the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree of knowledge and were heading from a lesser known tree.. The Tree of Immortality. AKA the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve were forbidden to do this by the Elohim "Lest they become like us".

We are now in the age of awakening and ascension and this means expressing new possibilities for humanity through our dormant DNA. This activation include age reversal, regeneration of our body, mind, and soul; and the expression of psi abilities.

My painting series is called "Eating from the Tree of Immortality"

The pieces represent the light and the dark side of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes

You will see the raising of vibrational energy, DNA, Fibonacci Sequences, Gaia, etc in these designs.

The ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Inca and the Maya had access this universal wisdom.

The originals are available for purchase for your personal collection!

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