ANGEL-MERMAID-Nauti - Super Consciousness

I am Nauti, the Spirit that lives within you.

I come from the depths of the ocean of emotions.

I give you guidance and I am here to serve you.

I will never give-up nor will I feel hopeless.

I have full hearted Trust & Faith for You.

I am your Higher Self and the Being that’s You.

We came to Earth to experience this beautiful time.

A time of Awakening, and a time of Love.

Reasons we have a lot, but mostly it is to give.

The Gift of Self is a gift of Healing.

Trust in me, Yourself.

Do not lose Faith, ‘if you do than don’t fear –

I shall have Faith for the All of Us.

Patience is the virtue you need to develop.

Channel all that amazing energy I give you

to the time & place needed best.

So glad we’ve met, although we have

conversed for this whole time - yes

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