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By José (Pepe ) García

Original in Spanish , translation to English by Luis Prada .


THE ASHTAR COMMAND is a Brotherhood of Light under the spiritual leadership of Prince Sananda, Jesus the Christ. It is composed of millions of spaceships and members of various cosmic civilizations. It is here to assist the planet Earth and its humanity in this cycle of cleansing and realignment. They are universal ambassadors of peace. Their main teaching and message is spiritually focused, above anything else, to the recognition, realization and manifestation of the divine nature. The ASHTAR COMMAND is sending proofs of its presence and existence to Earth, shutting down forever the negative arguments with respect to its protection. The ASHTAR Command, also known as THE GALACTIC COMMAND, COMMAND OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL FORCES OF THE INTERGALACTIC CONFEDERATION and THE FLEET OF THE SOLAR CROSS, is composed of personnel represented in many dimensions, civilizations and points of cosmic origin. have thousand of representatives on Earth and representatives born on Earth as volunteers, to help the planetary Ascension. They have Commanders, contacts and incarnate Rays of some of their commanders that act consciously, subconsciously and supraconsciously. They remember their cosmic name and cosmic key, which are energetically individual and non transferable (as the fingerprint). Each vibrational tone connect them with certain archives. As such, the use of the cosmic name is sacred, with which a great responsibility is bore since it qualifies the energy, thus they need to be centered and connected with the Christic heart of the Being of Light. Their watchword is "Assume the responsibility of the Mission and of who we really are". This means contacting with their energies of origin to carry on each phase of the project for which they are based on here.

Several millions of other universal volunteers walk on the Earth. These are called "The Terran Eagles." All of them with a high degree of leadership for which will be elected in their training and instruction to be able to accomplish the part of the mission that falls on them. They have chosen to be present on the Earth to serve in the great harvest of souls that is happening. They exist and manifest in multiple dimensions and their high degrees of spiritual evolution allow them to rise or lower their vibrations to any dimensional plane to manifest their service. The volunteers are those that by their own choice were commissioned to prepare the planet and the earthly humanity for the transition to a level of superior life. The participation of this legion of volunteers is essential for that. They are based on Earth to facilitate the access of the earthly humanity to the fifth dimension. They serve as participants in the birth of humanity from the physical density to the light bodies physical/etheric, capable of ascending to the fifth dimension with the Earth.

All the star volunteers, independent of their origin, have incorporated in their genetics specific codes in accordance with their energy, and they are being activated as they acquire the vibratory frequency required for this to occur. In these times the great majority of them have been activated, they recognize themselves as such, and have affirmed the commitment with the Great Divine Plan. Some of them have already been here before, several times. The planets that they called home are of a superior vibration and have inter penetrating auras of Christic Love. All of them belong to an Intergalactic Fleet. They are the Hosts of Heaven who serve to Prince Sananda, Jesus the Christ, our Commander In-Chief, in his mission of Love. They work in coordination with the legions of the Archangel Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabriel and the 70 Brotherhoods of the Light that administer the Divine Plan.

Different fleets within the Ashtar Command are specialized in spiritual education, Ascension, scientific investigation, communications, planetary affairs as well as the welfare of the personnel, observation of species, expressions and artistic communications, healing, horticulture, zoology, and many other areas of research. Also there exist scanning units with the Ashtar Command, that continually register and follow the trajectory of all the asteroids within and without the Solar System. Any dangerous approach of another celestial body can be deflected of its course with great precision. This type of surveillance is constant. The possible inclination of the Earth axis has been greatly diminished and "smoothed" by the action of their voluntary members, scientists of diverse worlds. These are beings of an advanced knowledge that understand of these things, and whose services are gladly offered with the purpose of saving the Earth.

Given the cover up of the existence and presence among us of members (and non members) of our Great Cosmic Family of the Light by the governments of the Earth may occur that their communiqués may confound some, but those that should listen, will hear and those that should see, will see, but all human beings will hold attention and understand what is appropriate. Their messages are always of hope and positive affirmations. Always they advise the unity, harmony and pacific coexistence of all. They encourage us to revere God the way in which we prefer. They are universal ambassadors of peace. Their main teaching and message is spiritually focused above all recognition. Their main characteristic is a joyous service, serenity, radiation, and, above all that, good will and love. They express: "We follow strictly the policies of the Intergalactic Confederation of non interference on the free will. Even though we could give you the possible consequences of some of your decisions we allow you to live, express and govern your planet as you choose. The only exception would be if your actions could threaten the survival of your planet and its population or that have repercussions on the rest of the Solar System. We are, however, always ready to respond to your specific petitions for help. We are enthusiastic in joining with you for a conscious interaction and a co creative behavior."

There are many extraterrestrial civilizations visiting and observing this planet during its transformation and ascension. Some are curious observers, scientific geneticists looking for data, some, research teams, others non ascended belong to various degrees of development. A being that contributes energy of fear, depression or menace, it is not aligned with the ASHTAR Command! The members of the ASHTAR COMMAND do not take part in abductions, implants, intimidations nor in any type of mental control. They always respect the free desire and right of the human being to live the life at their own way.

The terms "Commander" and "Command" refer to tasks self elected by them, to be in charge of themselves and be responsible of their position of confidence and observance of the orders of their Commander In-Chief, the Prince Sananda, Jesus, The Christ. In any case these terms do not imply a military sense. A true commander acts always in accordance to Divine Laws, walks in the spirit of humility and service, in the most pure observance to the divine directives. The Commander ASHTAR SHERAN, that in galactic Irdim language means 'Holy Chief", is the Leader of the Cosmic Plan of these crucial times of the Planet Earth in her transition to higher level of life. Commander of ten million of thinking beings highly spiritually evolved, scientific and technologically, that surround this quadrant of our galaxy, in an protective electronic circle within the Alliances for peace in the Intergalactic Council. The main ship of the ASHTAR COMMAND is THE EAGLE.

[Editor's additional information :

Information about Ashtar and the location of the Command :
Identity : Ashtar Sheran
Rank : Commander
Base of Operations : Station of Patrol Schare, all projections, all waves
Planet of Operations : Shan ( Earth )
Quadra Sector : BLAAU
The Commander Ashtar resides in the Station Schare ( a spheroid station of quadra ) or in the satellite ShanChea resident on terrestrial orbit . This satellite has been in this orbit for the last 2 , 000 years . It is a complex of instruments for the surveillance of the planet. It has 1,500 squared miles of area. Taken from the book : ASHTAR, compiled by Tuella, place an order here . B V ]


By Commander Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena


See the article Cosmic Romance and Our Divine Identity for an explanation of the merging of Lady Athena in the body of Ashtar-Athena.

Greetings to the noble ones of Earth who love and serve the Divine Plan. I am Athena merged with Ashtar, providing a twelve part overview of the Command's current tasks as they pertain to your world.

1. We, of the Ashtar Galactic Command form a vast Legion of Light numbering in the millions surrounding Earth with guardianship on behalf of the Most Radiant One, Christ-Jesus and the Supreme Creator.

2. We are assisting at every level with Earth and Humanity's transformation and paradigm shift into the fifth dimension and seventh Golden Age.

3. We strive to maintain the stability of your planet's polar axis and constantly monitor its magnetic field, grid systems and all astrophysical and geophysical conditions affecting Earth and other planets within this solar system and galaxy.

4. We inspire the Spiritual expanding of consciousness which allows for a greater understanding of your multidimensional Divinity and Divine Function within this vast and inhabited Cosmos… and beyond.

5. We are enhancing the Earth's paramagnetic harmonic resonance by creating crop circles for increasing production of food crops.

6. We are encouraging the shift from fossil fuel to free energy, and nonpolluting energy sources and forms of transportation.

7. We are working to implement an effective form of communication from our Merkabah transmission apparatuses to your informational receptors.

8. We are safeguarding and over lighting our millions of representatives and their service missions throughout your world.

9. We watch, ever prepared to evacuate and relocate your entire world's population, if necessary, should your planet's viability be jeopardized by any potential geophysical or astrophysical catastrophe.

10. We are supervising the re-creation on Earth of educational temple complexes based upon a system of sacred geometry, to be utilized for humanity's ongoing processes of initiation and ascension.

11. We are assisting with the physical plane advent and return of the Christ and the planetary and celestial Lords of Light who accompany Him; the externalization of their ashrams and academies of higher consciousness upon Earth.

12. We have as a cherished focus the long awaited acceptance of your planet into the United Confederation of Peaceful Worlds... in this capacity we come as ambassadors from The Great Central Sun on a mission of peace and goodwill.


Since many rumors and much information is currently being spread over the internet about Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, please permit me to provide some factual information as well as guidelines on how to truly discern the real Ashtar and the authentic Ashtar Command: Lord Ashtar, as Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Galactic Command, serving on behalf of the Most Radiant One, personally entered this solar system for the first time in his official capacity on July 18, 1952. He came in urgent response to reports that Earth was attempting to detonate the hydrogen atom, a living organism... which is in violation of Tribunal and Galactic Confederation Laws. This attempt of Earth's scientists to enter into an area for which they were entirely unprepared and totally ignorant could have led to the total destruction of Earth and all her life forms. In Lord Ashtar's first communiqué to Col. George Van Tassel, an Earth based Commander in physical contact with the Command, (now deceased and returned to serve within the fleets) he addressed this imminent danger in no uncertain terms! (As this message has previously been published in several books we will not repeat it here.) [Editor's Note: See these timely messages of Beloved Commander Ashtar at the end of this article.] Subsequent follow up delegations and representatives from the Command also made contact with certain military and government officials regarding this matter. Ashtar also expressed the concern that he and other members of the High Council shared over the Earth's scientists persistence in delving into the realm of nuclear fission and nuclear power for defense purposes.


Lord Ashtar is now as an Immortalized Soul, Spiritual Traveler and Ascended Master. He manifests in the Adam Kadmon HU-Man form and is a Ray emanation or “son” of the One known as Sananda / Jesus, the Divine Mother/ Mary and the Ones known as Archangels Michael, and Gabriel; being formed of the combined blending of their Light Codes and Essences. This is the normal manner of manifesting individualized beingness within the celestial worlds. He began His individualized sojourn within the lower worlds of creation as what you might term a Devic/Angelic being of the Powers/Herald Angel lineage's, which are Over-Souled by Archangels Michael and Gabriel respectively.

However, he comes originally from what could be called the twelfth kingdom or the celestial Throne Worlds of the Supreme God, of the positive Divine realms. He is not originally from this dimensional universe at all and came here only in serving his accepted mission.

He is known as a non-fallen Son of God, in that throughout his long passage through time and space he has never forgotten his Spiritual Source and Divine nature. He is one who has never rebelled against the Divine Will and Laws of the Supreme Deity. In fact his characteristic staunch loyalty and devotion to Divine Principle and Universal Law reveals his immaculate character and personal integrity as a man fully worthy of his high status and levels of responsibility.

Long before the creation and formation of the lower worlds of evolution, duality and testing, including the formation of the world now called Earth, the Soul now known as Ashtar passed through long cycles of training under the Lineage of Masters known as the Spiritual Travelers.

With his decision to transfer from the Angelic lineage and to enter into the Adamic HU-Man lineage, Ashtar became one well qualified to be in command of the newly forming fleets which would be positioned as guardians and caretakers in a future universe. Ashtar later responded to the request of Lord Michael, Sananda Kumara and Sanat Kumara and joined the family of Venusian Kumaras in a pledged mission to adopt and foster the unfolding life wave and experiment to be undertaken within this universe, galaxy, solar system and upon Earth.

He has been extensively trained and prepared to assist with the guardianship, spiritual fostering and ascending of planetary worlds. Ashtar attained the equivalent of human Earth development as Soul in other places in the cosmos as well as within the Venus chain of worlds where he attained his Mastership and ascension.

His Soul essence, like that of many, has touched to many constellations and planetary worlds and has traversed multidimensional universes in unfoldment and service, for virtually eons of cycles. Though appearing to be in his forties... he is really an extremely ancient being.

He was not originally known as Ashtar but in the frequency-resonance of ElesTron-Antar-Ra-An, and also as Gabri-An, Sherna, Sher-An, and finally as Ashtar, after the world upon which he attained his Ascended Mastery. Ashtar should not be regarded as a space god... but as an extremely highly evolved Son of God, a God Realized Being and Ascended Master.

Ashtar's service to this Universe was assigned by the Council of Nine Silent Ones who serves as agents of the Supreme Creator and His direct administrators. In this universe he functions through the auspices of Lord Metatron (El Shaddai), Lord Orion and The Councils of Orion, Office of the Christ, Order of Melchizedek, the Lord Jesus, appointed Redeemer Savior and Son of the Most High, and the Archangelic Command of Michael. Lord Ashtar also serves as an elder statesman and ambassador from the Great Central Sun Hierarchy and High Council of Melchizedek on Sirius.

He and his Council of the Solar Cross serves in coordinated union with the Councils of the Elohim, The Great Divine Director, the Venusian Hierarchy of the Most Radiant One, Sananda and Sanat Kumara and the Cosmic Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, the direct Regent of Sanat Kumara on Earth. Ashtar is also a highly respected member of many other intergalactic councils and tribunals as a Melchizedek Elder and Universal Statesman. Accompanying Ashtar are the Celestials ...the Divine and Angelic Individuals who serve in administering the Divine keys and codes of Living Light and Living Sound unto this Universal sector.

In the case of Earth, preparing her and her peoples to recognize and receive the returning / emerging Messiah, the Christ, with His Teachers of Wisdom and the Collective Messiah. To quicken the energy acceleration into the Golden Age, 5th dimensional consciousness or kingdom of heaven as it is variously known. Thus the human life-wave is lifting beyond the "666 Carbon molecular code of involution and materialism, into the 999 Silicon molecular code of Resurrected Life Eternal".

Through the ministry of Jesus the Christ, redemption, salvation and deliverance, rescued Humanity from the effects of the Edenic fall and the Divine plan is being restored on Earth and within Souls who choose the Christed Way everywhere. Ashtar is a being of pure Light and pure Love, bearing a Spiritual message of the essential Divinity of all beings, and our personal and planetary freedom through Grace and Divine Love.


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Comment by Luke Skywalker on April 3, 2014 at 11:15pm

I am very happy to be involved in the Ashtar Command ... this website alone is like a Mothership ... sort of :)

Comment by nickythompson on October 31, 2012 at 5:32pm

its very exciting to think that the world really can change,and im with you every step of the way,my lovely star family,dear ones.i am filled with a new hope,a new life of learning and discovery,and i respect the `ancient ones` very much,as our spiritual leaders,and welcome them into my life.i cant wait to ascend,and whoever reads this message,  may the joy be with you always.xx

Comment by Paulette Redburn on July 26, 2012 at 8:27pm


Comment by Nani11 on December 30, 2011 at 6:00pm

This information is very useful, very well written and I know about it. However it's part of the information that I will use to transmit to people that are not informed and need to. Thanks for it !

Comment by Alenka on December 30, 2011 at 7:40am

I've heard about Asthar Command and Sananda already in the 1970s. I remember we were expecting the flleet to come and save us, but nothing happened, and I was very disappointe. After I forgot about this, and now  I would very much like to receive an answer if all things spoken about in various messages are really going to happen or is it just a fairy tale, a nice excintig one, but still a fary tail.

Comment by Oriannubis on December 22, 2011 at 11:19am

 Greetings Ashtar command, I am grateful to be here and have wonderful expectations. I live within the heart of the ONE and wish to serve Supreme Creator. Hail to you Ashtar/Athena. Thank you for your service.

Comment by Neil Holt on June 20, 2011 at 6:44pm
As enlightened beings, knowing our purpose to share truth with the others. Realize ashtar has set many tools in place, such as the deration's videos uploaded on utube. EXAMPLE: Marion Branahm a famous preacher predicted 1977 would be the year christ would return. His ongoing ministery did not know Ashtar's first communication happene
That year. I used the uploaded video under Ashtar command to really shock them. I intend to e mail truths of ashtar and divinities to them next. Neil
Comment by Escultura333 on April 28, 2011 at 7:54pm
OH BOYY!! I have to say that since i had read stuff about the messages the Ashtar Command and others, i even forget to eat during the day!!! and i have to remind myself now because i have 5 year old too to take care of!
Comment by jason john on April 7, 2011 at 12:37pm


Comment by Sandro on April 6, 2011 at 1:09pm
Grazie di Cuore é molto incoraggiante... Namasté
Comment by Yazmin Aguilar Calderon on April 6, 2011 at 1:26am
Comment by Sandro on March 17, 2011 at 11:02am

Have already moved to read only the name of Sananda Jesus Christ.
It is wonderful to read how much we are on planet Earth,
To bring the light and love in this world.
And being able to live this moment ever and full of events.

Comment by evonne. on March 17, 2011 at 6:19am
dear brother,thankyou for this posting,greatly appreciated,and yes indeed,there are incarnated rays at this time on earth,to help with the healing,and light magnitude of mother earth in her shift to new frequencies and vibrations,love,light,blessings eve(sauul ahh nahh)
Comment by Hummanithashope on January 4, 2011 at 4:58am
I will admit why lie . I used to be an theist and was reallly onl living for the world/  have receently aawoken and i am  learning ane ty to teach others as JESUS would have .  I am trully  a being of light and love SO MUCH love THANK YOU ASHTAR . THANK YOU JESUS, I am getting ready i just hope my sister will listen . She needs too .
Comment by Anks777 on August 8, 2010 at 11:27am
Thankyou for the information. I was aware of much of it already. However, I do not believe Satya Sai baba is a representative of Divinty, he has been proven to be a fraud by many reliable sources and has much to answer for.
I hope all develop their own inner wisdom to know right from wrong.
I send love, peace, joy to all :)
Comment by Jane in the forrest on May 31, 2010 at 9:11am
LovePetals*Jay, I know that mantra "Om mani padme hum" very well =)
Have a CD with it, and it is very useful....
Comment by LovePetals*Jay on May 30, 2010 at 11:45pm
Ascension 2012! we all be there! the party is on
Awakening Divinity~ hail ~Om mani padme hum ~ Om ~
we are one
Comment by Krishna Kalki on May 23, 2010 at 8:49pm
After reading this article a few times it is great to know about The Ashtar Command and their mission to get the Planet Earth and as many people as possible to 5th Dimension however it states that Sathya Sai Baba is the Cosmic Avatar and i do not agree with this as stated by Srila Prabhupadha great Spiritual Master of the Krishna movement. Also Sanat Kumara is the ancient of the ancients who came from Venus and resides in Shamballa an Inner Earth City of Light and Capital of Agartha. Sanat Kumara is in fact the King of the World who can read all souls and communicate directly with God. He has all Spiritual Powers and during this change happening now he along with his spiritual army are on the surface of the planet to help with Ascension 2012. Only those who are Spiritually advanced and having Spiritual Vision can connect with him. After completing his mission in 2012 he will return to Venus. After 2012 all beings on Earth will be Christ Conscious following true Christ teachings. Namaste
Comment by Krishna Kalki on May 5, 2010 at 10:48pm
This is extremly valuable information and should be passed on to as many people as possible so that they are aware on what is going on in the Ascension process. All those who read this will be very happy to become friends of The Ashtar Command who are bringing in Love and Light on this planet which is much needed as they way some people were carrying on they would have eventually destroyed this planet, Ascension has come to the rescue at the right time and All Glories to The Ashtar Command. Namaste
Comment by Nani11 on May 3, 2010 at 4:42am
I am new here, it will take me sometime to have a better vision of what I can think of. For sure that religion is not something that I am looking for, however been a cosmology and science student soon I will have a better idea to comment. I wish that can find myself inside here, possible that I may have something to share also.


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