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  • it is an honor and joy to be here with you dear friend

  • Dear Petals

    Tell me how you cope with old age to tell whether you have any advice on this
    also please tell me if you heard anything about running techniques 12DNA
    and a light body and decrees or purple flame and regenerative medicine
    these are the themes that I explore


  • Hello my friend... there is some time that I don't talk to you... but now I am back!!! I wish you a happy new year...

  • May your heart be filled with joy and your life filled with the devine. You are a precious soul and sister of the light. Celebrate the coming of the light, we are all one.

    Love to you


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  • Thanks for your friendship. I llok forward to getting to know you better through sharing and caring on this love filled site. Have a wonderful weekend my new friend.

    Love, Light and the devine

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Pompano Beach, FL


October 4

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“I AM the Light I stand within I AM the form the Light creates I AM the life the Light dictates I AM the Light

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My life is devoted to the Masters Who bring to humankind support and Encouragement, their teachings and inspirations; Their profound love, dedication and commitment Blessing our path, serving world progression Reminding us that we are one That we are beams of light Coming from the same source As one we are Namaste

LovePetals*Jay left a comment for Jacek Cieslak
"Hi there my beloved ask about old age; it all depends in your mental state; I have a very hard time becoming aware that I have grown old my mind is filled with love from the heart and I live by my meditations where I am that of what, .…"
Jun 12, 2010
LovePetals*Jay commented on Ben-Arion's article THE ASHTAR COMMAND
"Ascension 2012! we all be there! the party is on
Awakening Divinity~ hail ~Om mani padme hum ~ Om ~
we are one"
May 30, 2010
LovePetals*Jay left a comment on Vegetarians & Vegans Focus Group
"Awakening Divinity~ hail ~Om mani padme hum ~ Om ~
we are one
May 30, 2010
LovePetals*Jay left a comment on Ashtar Command Meditation Temple
"Beautiful meditation. as always.
love and light thanks and blessings"
Apr 23, 2010

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"From 1983 to the present day, the Draco - Zeta Resistance resumed their hybridization program through abducting humans creating several strains of hybrids and human clones. They also created infiltrates via genetic engineering through which they…"
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