may 5th to december 21 2012 notes

May the 5th 2012 will be a meditation day for me big time

this resonates with my platinum / dolphin ray very much MAY 5,2012 -December 21,2012 HOW EARTH BECOMES INNER EARTH | Lightw...

MAY 5, 2012 - December 21,2012
Crystalai (a) 2012

First, on May 5th, a 12th level avatar will be born on Earth which will open the Sphere of Amenti to cause the carbon based death seal of 666 to be removed from the human race. This carbon based inorganic seal will melt away and we will begin our awakening into the crystal based organic eternal life bodies. A spontaneous MASS AWAKENING WILL OCCUR on May 5. The Blue Flame of Amenti will embody within the Blue Flame Keepers.
Earth and Tara will begin to merge. BLue Flame keepers will become 9th level avatars, as the blue flame spirals down from Sun Alcyone. Flame Holders who carry a rare recessive gene will have this gene activated. These holders contain a specific magnetic base tone in their DNA that allows them to become very magnetic and are able to hold this activation on Earth. Once the D 5 flame holder holds the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and pulls the frequencies into her Flame Keeprs fourth heart chakra an intense infusion of harmonic universe two frequencies spread through the Amenti morphogenetic flield and through the Earths Grid. This will allow rapid acceleration of fifth and sixth DNA strand assembly to occur throughout the populations. The seventh strand will begin assembly in those who already hold fifth and sixth. This activation will create a huge multidimensional awareness to occur on Earth.
When the halls of amenti merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be eligable for transport to Gaia. There may be others who will transported to Aquarius, Aquafaria and a few who will go play in the heavens with the gods. This time is coming very soon.
First, we will shift into a different chemical make up. We will leave behind our carbon based bodies. We will become less dense. Our bodies and our environment will change. Those who move on to Tara will have an entirely different type of body than those who stay in Inner Earth. Those who move on to Gaia are almost invisible. Those who are of higher densities can see the lower densities; but those who remain 3D will not be able to see any of the new realities. It might seem like things are disappearing because the higher particle shifts will pull some in one direction and the lower will pull those in another direction. There are infinite density levels.
The three primary flameholders will activate the opening of the Sphynx, The Great Pyramid and Earth's core. At that time our universal memory comes on line and we will regain memory of our Akashic Records for anyone who has activated 4th strand memory.
On December 21, 2012 Earth's angular rotation of particle spin shifts 45 degrees and aligns into oneness with Inner Earth and Tara. Earth's fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the halls of records begin transmitting data through the Earth's grids. Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids.
Earth's elemental particle base will rise to 5 and the Earth's atmospheric particle base will rise to 6. This accretion level will allow the atmosphere and elementals from Inner Earth to appear on Earth. This will be our first vision of our New Earth. We will begin to see the atmosphere of Inner Earth forming around us and then we will notice more and more new species and inner earth gardens will appear. All of the animals and plants in Inner Earth sing continuously. We will notice this difference in Earth immediately.
Angelic Humans and othe races of Earth will soon be prepared for visits from the Inner Earth Eieyani, Sirius B Maharaji, Azurite, Aethien and Serres Emeral Covenant Races. They will make contact through our Founders Races and will invite Earth races to join the Emerald Covenant. The physical mass contact of the Emerald Covenant Nations is scheduled for 2017. The first contacts will be made individually and privately. First, we will meet with Eieyani races because they look the most like us--only they are blue. After we become familiar with the Eiyani, we will be met by Azurites and Maharaji. The Fallen Anglics and Illuminati races will be escorted to quarantined healing facilites in the Sirius star system. Remaining Angelic Humans and Indigos will progress in their 12 Code activation and DNA blue print activation.
Activations will continue until 2017 when full mass landing of Emerald Covenant Races occurs.
The happy ending begins December 21, 2012 when the age of enlightenment will most definitely begin and the Universes in our Time Matrix will begin the victory celebration they have awaited for 250 billion years, when the Stellar Wars created the Phantom Matrix. The Phantom Matrix will be removed in December. Founders Races will release the Star Gate Seals for Universal Star Gate 12 in our Time Matrix to reunite the Inner Earth Time Matrix and the Trans Harmonic Meajhe Time Matrix. The three Matrixes will link to creathe the Divine Cosmic Trinity of our new beginning of a new Cosmic Reality.
Earth will receive Stellar Wave Infusions of D10 ,D11 and D12. The Primal Light Infusion, the Christos Liquid Light Infusion, The Rainbow Ray Infusion and the d12 Pre matter Hydroplasmic Liquid Light Christos Divine Blue Print of the Earth, Tara Gaia System, and the D12 Pre Matter BluePrint or Universal Christos. This will all happen on December 21, 2012. That's a lot of Light!!!
Crystalai (a) 2012

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