Shahram posted a status
Apr 12
Hello every one,
is there anybody who can tell me how can i find out Aliens are truth?

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  • Feel that within you...That truth is in you...You will know it when the time is perfect for you!

    We bring lots of messages from them here...That can also help you get to know them more....Blessings

  • Hi Shahram, the universe is a big place, full of life; to connect with beings of love & peace, we can hold an intention for contact, from a loving, peaceful vibration in our heart.

    You might like to visit my website, there's Star Family/Light Beings/Angelic vibrations coming through the photos posted there, as direct light activations that can assist with inner awareness and connectedness.
    Just see/feel if they resonate for you.
    Blessings, Joanna 💛
    Heart Star
    Anchoring Galactic Earth in Love & Peace
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