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I have not been a part of this site for quite some time due to many negatives inserting itself in our, my lovely wife and my life.  I don't suppose this will be read, but it does allow me to bring to light some of the odd things that have happened in the last few years.  Some of these I have put out there, but they are connecting now as time goes on.

If any one is interested, I will discuss in detail the growing that has happened, some on a personal level or spiritual level if you wish.  Before you hit the return button you should realize the breadth of experiences leading up to this writing.  I will outline and then dress this out later.  Life is as most here know, negative and positive and we must embrace the negative and be thankful of that as well, for without it we don't progress. I stood at the conclusion of a Township meeting in which they had hoped to destroy me.  I told them we on earth serve many purposes, some played the role of negative people so others could progress yet further into the positive. I told them they played their role as negative people very well, I thanked them for my opportunity to use their negatives to ascend even further, I thanked them again.  Sadly, they were so far into what they thought was victory, they did not understand, yet I was sincere. Just for your information, we moved a small cabin to another location and it is so spiritual there, it is beyond words, we gained immeasurably. 

Going back not so many years, I was taken out of body and shown my physical and light body, then given a simple message.

Later again, I was shown a vision and told of another body.

Another time while in great pain and under negative attack, I was taken out again and gathered up like a babe and given love such as you can not imagine.

The next day, I was out of body again and met one of my guides and given another short message, both of the last amazing experiences.

Along the way,  I have experience ascension symptoms, gained ability in telekinesis, projection from my body and more, now at rest here as I have had negative feed back on the last.

One night we had an hour lost time as we lay down to sleep.  I learned a lot that night of our handlers and whom they were from my wife, she came back from the taking, was liked drugged and opened up to me.  This was a life essence taking, not physical.  I did find some old writings of the physical kind from the 80's of what it is like for a woman having an embryo removed on one of the craft, smelly and dirty more than pristine. These may not be the  same ones that took us to the other world as my wife remembers it.  I have seen it in dreams, my grandson told me of it when he was out of body and was allowed beyond the barrier.

Recently I experienced a taking which was in another body, like one of many clones it seemed, them trying to program me and it failed ending in complete confusion on their part.

I have had as well as my wife similar showings of some future or possible future, very detailed but no time line.

On some of my out of body experiences, I have come back burn like marks on my body as has my wife on a few occasions.  My grandson is woven into this tapestry as well and shares some of my/our experiences.  His started with an orb and progressed to my being violently extracted from body.

I also found after a major encounter one time, backing off an entity at the edge of our atmosphere, going away from earth, a barrier, one I was not supposed to cross, think of a shimmering jello energy barrier.

On two occasions of late, I had visions of the past come true which tells me, we are far more than we know.

For those looking my way for extravagant verbiage and flowering talk, no, I am of fewer words, something said simply is better than boring the hell out of folks. If there is no interest other than candy coated statements, that is ok.  I have come to some sort of realization that we are already where we are supposed to be in life and a few are just waking up to it.  We think of evolving our future through technology which outstrips our physical being.  Then we create our own future selves to keep up with our technology, always aware that what we create can ultimately be superior to what we are.  But then we wake up to the fact we have already done this, we created our physical selves to live in for the moment and we, the drivers are in fact that which we endeavor to create, we are what we seek. The physical is for just the moment, it is not important beyond the moment, it cannot be our future.

When time is right, I will add to the above, some may be repeat, but it feels good to write.  If anything interests you, ask and that would be better of course.  There is more, I just have not put it out there.  I am in a quiet time now, but I just asked my wife if she felt a change, she did but was keeping quiet.  Like last summer, she did not tell me of this electronic whirring sound in the night over our off grid little cabin in the north which put her back to sleep, feeling she did not want to worry me.  I had experienced the same early on.  If any of the above resonates, great. All our experiences are entwined, not separate.

I am here like I was as a firefighter, a captain.  I got into the mix, always, I got bloody from saving people in rescue, not sitting back directing and staying clean, I just get into the middle of it all which almost cost me my life on a number of times, certainly many injuries, but so did building airplanes and crashing them.  I don't lie, nor embellish a great deal but will try and create some drama for the hell of it.  To some of you, I am the old man, but my mind is alive and young, I walk several miles per day, sail the ocean, kayak the gulf.  But truly, pain is with me always, so yes age is a part of my experience but not my life.

Keep smiling, this is a fun journey.

Later I

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