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Information overload? How to choose?

Which cosmic story to go by? And why do not the protagonists seem to acknowledge one another?

What about the information conveyed in the Knowledge Book?
What about the imminent birth of a new earth as described in the book Organic Universe?
What about the cosmology conveyed in The Urantia Book?

These are just a few of the alternative cosmic world views off the top of my head.

Are we seeing a creative chaos indicating the emergence of a new reality? Or is it another way of distracting cosmic slaves from recognizing and ending their slavery imposed illegitimately by a demi-urge and its cohorts?

The means of earthly incarnation are, at the moment under the control of dark forces of materialism,. To explain, we have to eat to keep body and soul together. But we are told that we have to sell our labour to earn the right to have access to the means necessary for keeping our material vehicle functional.

Thus, the human spirit is not free (and has not been so for the past ten to thirteen thousand years) on earth.

By not waking up to this fact, we ensure continuation of the conspirators and their power over us.
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