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Conversations With My Shadow 2


My shadow self, what have you come to teach me today?

That is very interesting, in regards, to what you consider teaching, because nothing in life can be taught, all is a serious of transformations, and, in some ways, it is a series of remembrances, where we remember, who we Truly are, through, understanding, who we are not, yet, there is a process here. As life is an evolving process of re-creation, so are you re-creating, yourself in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about who you are. Who are you?

This is a grand question, and a grand imagining, yet, when we focus on that which we are not, who we are, is not, and through that understand that who we are is not, we also understand who we are. *laugh* The simplest answer to be given, is that all is divine creation, even though we spend much time in re-creation. If we re-create the past, how then do we move forward into our future?

What we resist, persists, what we embrace, goes away. That is the nature of the experience, that God Self, has set up for God Self, to see God Self, yet the grandest illusion is this: that you need anything at all, and so through not-needing, yet coming from a place of Pure Will, that is not withoutpure purpose, we come to define what reality means to us, through our own Higher Selves.

You have forgotten, nothing more and nothing less, who you are, and who you are, is the creator of your own universe, all your thoughts, words, and deeds, create your reality. All of your intentions, create your experience. You are the mind’s eye of your own actions, your source, and your Truth, to which all leads back.

We have come here to experience, not to know, for inherently, you know all there is to know, yet you believe that you are less than your experience. You are the experience, my friend.

I knew you once when you were never afraid, for fear is our greatest enemy in this life, fear=FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. You have a grand respect for who you are, and were not afraid to champion the understands of others, in the face of who you were.

Yet, through fear, of what other would do TO YOU, you allowed yourself to be controlled by F.E.A.R., and then somewhere along the way you started to blame yourself and all others for your experience.

Yet, there is none to blame, for all are beautiful and holy in God, have you forgotten, so, my dear friend, that all is God, even the very particle of hate, even hate itself is God, just in a different form!!!

It is not hate that is the problem, but when we allow ourselves to be driven to its worse state, rage. Rage is the state of experience where one has truly not accepted their natural human emotions, it is from repression, and all of what is called, “Deviance of thought.” Is ultimately derived from the same source, repression. The fear changes form to meet the demands of the mind, and the mind is ultimately chaotic.

When you buy into your own press, you lose the source of its own meaning. I never buy into my own press, I know it bullsh*t! Why? Because all is an illusion, and others are always creating their own illusions, it is their reality! Yet, the problem comes in when they believe or define, that their illusion is the grandest illusion, and there in sits the issue at hand, you have bought into your own illusion.

Pure source is always creating, changing, and transforming, and the Ultimate Truth is always going to contain one of three things, Joy, Truth, and Love, that is Unlimited, Eternal, and Free. There is no wrong or right in God’s world, only human beings create their definitions of wrong and right, hard one for you, I know!

There is no such thing as Universal Wrong and Right, only human beings, in their own choices, have agreed upon those things, but God did not. It is, as the Andromedans say, Always agreed upon reality.

So choose your illusion wisely, when you know yourself as source, and not only source, but THE source, of your own creation, you will understand that all it is not up to you to lose the illusion, but to use the illusion, for your benefit, and the benefit of the whole.

We are always selfish, for there is nothing that we do not do, ultimately, for our selves, even the very expression, of helping another, is generator from the first I idea, that I am doing this because it makes “me” feel good. There is no selfless acts, my friend.

And that Truth does not necessarily sit good with others, nor is Truth going to sit good, until it does. Truth is rarely comfortable, because it goes outside of what others define as their reality. Do you see this?

So long have you allowed yourself to please others, to placate them in their own understandings, that you have forgotten to speak your Truth, and have allowed others, through your own intentions, to decide what Truth is for you.

You did not come here to be a paradigm for others, only for yourself, and then to be a new paradigm, that would ultimately challenge the very foundations of what culture is.

That is being the new, my friend, any time you step into the new, and most of all, embody the new, others, not all, but relatively, who are still living in the fabric of the old system, or any system really, are going to be nay-sayers. Of course they would wish you to conform, it keeps the system working. If someone comes along, and breaks the system, those still in it have to examine what isn’t working, and then, most of all, they have to do something about it!

Ultimately, my greatest gift I can give you is this, remember that, “So what if others don’t like you!” And most importantly, “So what if they do!”

Because there will be those who love you, others who hate you, for no other reason that who you are, and the experience you are living, and there will be those who feel neither, yet, regardless of who they choose to experience themselves of in relationship to you, you still must be you.

I will go now for you to think on these things but know this, “Soon the Sun and the Moon will be one, the Light and the Shadow, merged as two, soon the people will not be a reflection of themselves, nor able to turn away from their own inner conduct, soon all will have to face who they are, be brave, my friend, this has just begun.”

Thank you.

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Love Letters from Andromeda: Iliana

Andromeda comes,

Hello dear Ones, I am Illiana, and I am grateful to be present with you now, in this embodiment, I am startled at the coming changes that we have all endured within the last week, but how grateful I am for the changes that did occur.

Has anyone else been feeling these changes lately? Have you felt the water in your body move? Have you felt the grids of Gaia move?

This has all been a lot of us, has it not? And our children, how dearly we have kept them safe during this time of transition, sometimes even the frustration of the schooling system, as it declines, is beginning to wear upon our Hearts, certainly this is a trying time for us all!

Things have changed, no more are we in the paradigm of separation, where assistance from the Galactic whole is but a dream, we are with you now in these embodiments, and to experience ourselves through, in, and around you. Things have changed.

You changed these things, allowing the dimensional portals to be opened, you changed the course of your events, allowing the consciousness of humanity to rise to a point where the Divinity of Life could open her beautiful Heart, and let a higher Cosmic awareness in, and it started the moment you trusted yourselves.

The Goddess comes, and blesses each of us, kissing our foreheads in the sacred whispering of the dance. Is it not lovely dear ones, to dance together in this sacred unity, among the campfires of our Hearts?

And in this bonfire, where we have thrown our vanity, is it not wonderful dearest of all that is Galactic, to become new, and to emerge unscathed from the fires of purification.

Some have called the Galactic beings of Light protectors, interveners (sometimes interferers, laugh), but always we have considered ourselves family, and so like any family, we have watched until a time when you were ready for us to emerge to with you. That time is now.

And we speak on a global scale, though in your tender Hearts we are always speaking.

Sometimes we offer complex ideas to help those in need, other times we simply send love letters out to family, this is our love letter. *giggles* To show you how much we love you.

We are ever present with you, flowing in the skirts of Gaia, and tickling your ear, asking you the hard questions, like, “Why are you not loving you today?”

Or, have you hugged a tree today?

Or, maybe it is time to just lighten up a little?

The majority of those present here have been on Gaia (off and on), for some time.  You are the teachers, shamans, caregivers, friends, and galactic beings, who have paved the way for this now moment.

Savor the moment. For this 2012 year will seem like a memory to some, as fast as it will go. Instead of worrying about the changes, enjoy them. You will never get to experience this again, and to waste the opportunity to savor the moment would be such a shame.

If you feel like writing, write, if you feel like sharing, share, there will always be those with one too many buns in the oven, and will just pass with a sneer, but that is okay, it is their sneer to participate in. Enjoy the sneers and jeers, as much as you enjoy the process of emergence.

You never get to be half-asleep again, and for some of you, you never get to be even half-asleep again, so enjoy this in-between state, when you get to be in that twilight of sleep, somewhere between waking and dreaming.

Sometimes ascension is very difficult, as you face your inner fears, other times, it is filled with joyous love and family re-union, no matter what you experience during this 2012, the one energy we would love you to have, I would love you to have, is one of wonder.

For each process you experience is unique to you, and so it is unique to all others to, *laughs*, do not worry, period. This is not about striving for perfection, it is simply being in the flow. What is right for one of you, is not always right for another.

Either way, allow the Love of who you are to shine. It is okay if you do not always agree, even we Andromedans do not always agree, and if you think so, then you must think we are drone robots from the alien future!

Being evolved does not mean we always agree, but it does mean that we hold a consciousness of agreement, and that is to Love ourselves through all our changes.

Whenever there is change, there is always a breaking down, for a new to be built up. And so old energy, even in the higher realms of Light, is broken down to transform into new energy, even particles of matter you would find to be of infinitely High Vibration, go through a process of breaking down and transformer into higher energetic particles. It is why stars themselves have a lifespan.

And so every state of being has a lifespan, it is not about getting where you are going, it is about treasuring the moments you have.

So think in these times of savoring the experience, there is joy to be found even in the most dire circumstances, and opportunities to be made, even in the most serious conditions.

For those who lack abundance, find those who have abundance. For those who have abundance, find those who lack it. For in the partnership together, you lift each other to grander stands of being. Now is not the time for rejection.

For dearest Ones, we have not rejected you. *laughs*

So please do not reject each other, out of fear. Those who come to you, perhaps they need you most now, do you have it in you, to accept even the ones that make your skin crawl?

If they hang around long enough, maybe they might just see something in them that will spark something to change. Dear Ones, I would ask you this:

If you purged all the bad seeds off your planet, and exiled them to another planet, what poor star system would you send them to, and then, in thousands of years, you would be sitting in the same place we are sitting, realizing that at some level, at some time, you participated in the current situations here on this planet.

Don’t do that.

Instead, hold a consciousness of unconditional love, and energy of light, for all beings on your planet, and lift Gaia as a whole into ascension, breaking the cycles of Karma, and for once and all, freeing this dimension from the need to cycle from one Golden Age to the Next.

Let the dark be no more.

With Sweet Love,


Andromeda leaves.

Copyright @ Starseed Andraste 2012

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Unconditional Love: Your Gateway to Ascension

Greetings Dear Ones, Galactic Humans, and beings of infinite Light, Councils of Star beings, Star Seeds, Ascended Humans, and gatherers amongst the fields of Light.

It is I, EL Anora, though there is no EL left of I, nor an Anora, only the Presence I am that remains, and so dear Ones, this is my re-introduction to you at this time, as the group present I am, and also as a humble Diplomat, representing this now time period.

I was not sure, dear Ones, if I was going to write to you, on these matters. 1. I was not sure if the time was appropriate. 2. Being in my own world has become quite a joy for me as of late.

But I was asked by several members, whose names I will not mention here, out of respect, of the Divine Council we are all, to come, and participate in this now grand event.

For me, that begins tomorrow, on April 11, 2012, but it may or may not begin there for you, time has been lost to me, and I am never sure when or where I am! But here I am for this moment.

What was asked of me was to relate this message to you, and this may be a repeat, I am not sure, but, it is, I think, important for I, to contribute of I, in this manner for all.

It is time now, dear Ones, to become Divine Diplomats for all that is, if you so choose to do so. Which means to step into Unconditional Love for all beings, planets, races, and all other manner of creation, in the Universe that is.

How can, dear Ones, we greet those who have come to see us, if we are pre-judging them by what was. No, we cannot, for in that which is the Eternal Light, there can be no judgement, for how would we choose? By what barometer would we decide who gets to love us and who does not?

Certainly, dear Ones, it is by consciousness, not by appearance, and so we must let go of the appearance of those we have pre-judged, and enter a consciousness of unconditional love, especially for ourselves.

I imagine, in the days to come, there will be far better of those here to speak on the events that shall transpire, know that I AM HERE, to be present with you, as the information is received by me, if it is to be received by me. Oh, if I were the one to control when, how, and so! But I am not, and how I have not even been the one to decide that this experience would occur! But you, by your devotion and love, have made it so.

I would like to give you this now acknowledgement, that the world you inhabit after April 11, 2012, will not be the dimension you currently inhabit, but then again, when ever is even the next second the same dimension you were currently inhabiting?

Whenever you meet your ascension, however you meet it, greet it with unconditional love. For only that consciousness shall be the vehicle for our unity in these times to come.

God bless you for being so,

I am a messenger of Andraste in this now moment, but I simply, humbly, am.

Yours in Light.

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