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Free your Spirit- Unravel Distortions

Wandering throughout the world, In search of precious practices of unveiling, I have found Strong Medicine in a few who have discovered the True Gold of one's internal Higher Being.

The Ascension Continues!!!

YOU must learn to seek the Pure Treasure within. The answers you seek, the peak you truly wish to ascend, was never "out there" to be delivered to you by another, on space ships and teleporters! The same internal transformations that have been sought out by many, the uncovering of the Elixir of Life that flows through you, has been alluded to by the Great Mystics throughout time, but rarely understood.

This Internal Transformation, which is really the uncovering of who you really are, is the True Foundation of the Planetary Ascension so pervasively discussed in these pages. The True Knowledge will arise within as you learn to re-connect the pieces that have been scattered or shattered by the tumultuous winds of your lifetimes. Guidance from others can be fruitful, but only when it comes from an experienced Gardener.

Jason Davis is one such Gardener, A cultivator of Higher Self. He has created some of the finest Alchemy in the world. Created using Mono-atomic precious metals and rare ingredients combined in quantum states, he weaves a matrix of material, seen and unseen, to serve as an embodiment of Catalysts. These Catalysing Agents work with you and through you, to assist in your Re-Awakening.

As I was alerted to this message this morning in my inbox, I new that there are those here at AstarCommandCrew waiting for access to this rare and precious gift... A rare opportunity is presented!

A Message from Jason Davis: 8108894457?profile=original

"The Sun of All Suns, working with the People of the White Fountain Temple, need your help. We need you....

"There is a collective Sun of All Suns effort coming that is so awesome in scope that it has become incumbent upon me to do everything I can to get you engaged in the use of the alchemy, which is why we're literally going to give it away.

"In case you missed it elsewhere, we have come into contact with what is called the White Fountain, which is a "temple in the clouds" on another level of being, and which is used for many things, but mostly where Earth is concerned is dedicated to bringing a collective and pervasive emotional energetics balance to the entire planet.

"Three successive alchemies are being designed to do this, the first two being bridges to the third, which is the most important and powerful one. This one is to be taken by each one of you and sprinkled into rivers, streams, onto land where needed, and so on, and it is needed all over the world. This will enable us to spread the energetics coming directly from the people of the White Fountain Temple everywhere, and it will work with incredible power to bring about this emotional energetics balance, and it will put you - potentially - personally in touch with things well beyond your present level of consciousness."

"This is the case because we all have elements to us beyond our conscious reach, and they need to be removed in order to solidify a potential of responsibility on the part of each of us to bring into our hands and use more causal level wisdom and power, to begin functioning consciously on the level of what are thought of as higher beings. This is in fact what Ascension is."

Please, continue reading here.

Your Friend in Spirit, United in Tao

Xian LongShan

Immortal of Dragon Mountain

(I do not have any financial stake here. I just feel compelled to share this amazing offer with those in this community to whom it appeals. I have used various White powder Gold, Mono-Atomic, or Ormes/Ormus materials in my desire to improve my health, my higher brain functioning, my fitness. I could never have imagined that such a potent supplement could exist. If you are drawn to the High Frequencies present in these materials, please, don't hesitate.)

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