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People Deleting Blog Replies & Censorship

Hi folks, why are people deleting replies to blogs, this one for example, deleted my reply twice, so I re-posted it today again.

Do people not understand that censorship in any form, is the same energy of those that would dominate and control others.

That is why the world is the way it is thus far, because of the energy of those that FORCE their will and the thoughts they wish to FORCE upon others.

I know it may seem like a sensible thing to do to some, to remove other views that seem to conflict in some way with anothers, though I can assure you, that once one goes down this road, it leads to reinforcing the seeming conflict of views.

All perspectives exist for a reason, when one tries to block other perspectives, even if they are paid agents, it still represents an energy that needs to be heard.

Kind of like those TV drug commercials, people need to hear the harmful side effects of them so they can realize how the energy of those pills function and make a choice about how they wish to live or see the world.

Your thoughts welcome.

peace love light

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True Abundance=Sharing Freely

Hi folks, i posted this reply in flashstorm's thread 'joy and bliss' and I wish to expand upon my thoughts.
Hi folks, Hi flashstorm, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You aretouching on a subject that has been on my mind for awhile now and I plan
to post my own topic about it, just for record sake. I'm sure many here
have noticed that everyone has their own perspective of things based
upon the information they receive, whether it's from the external world
or our true selves. When one says, people need to take responsibility
for themselves. This can have many different meanings and perspectives
from people, in all respect of course, it is not specific enough for
people to understand fully and leads to more confusion. It is akin to
what people call stereotyping and degrades the perfection we all are. So
if we are indeed all perfect, then what is the truth of the matter. It
is what most seem hesitant to speak of, why this is the case, I have my
thoughts about. It is very simple, the universe, just like this planet
and all it's ecosystems that function as one harmonious and balanced
system. There is absolutely nothing natural, that is out of balance in
any way, including humans. So then what do we have left, the systems we
have created that are in fact not natural. And as you may have guessed
already, that is the system known as 'money'. I will explain further my
thoughts in the topic I'll be making. However, in the meantime, I would
like people to ponder this. What PREVENTS anyone, whether it be farmers
from sharing freely all the food they could or a saint like landlord
wanting to have tenants for free and those that claim to own the
dirt/land, or anyone for that matter wishing to share their time and
energy for free. I know this is obvious, but in fact, some will have
different perceptions of what prevents ALL HUMANITY SHARING FREELY with
one another. Though the truth is simple. Yes the truth is very simple, what we've had on this planet for some time, are systems that do not serve the good of all or another way of saying that, these systems have not met at least the basic needs of all and if they ever have, it has been a clever form of enslavement/slavery. Now, i have no need to blame anyone for this, all that matters is that humanity awakens to the fact that these systems do not serve the good of all and then we can make forward movement to reform all systems that are not in alignment with nature. So then, as I've said, the first imbalanced system that needs healing is the 'money' systems. The monetary system is the vehicle/tool/energy/third party/middleman and any other words one would care to use to describe it, that has been used to foster the imbalances seen in this world. Take notice, In the sharing of my thoughts, that I am not in anyway judging any natural beings, I am simply pointing out a system that is out of balance and in fact, could never maintain balance for very long. I will have more thoughts to share on this topic, though I would love to hear your thoughts as well.
peace love light
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