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5D Overtones Part I



The 5D Overtones have been offered as a gift from the ancient ones who serve as gatekeepers between the dimensions. They are needed to stabilize the endless worlds and to protect those who might slip into other dimensions without the tools to return to their reality of current manifestation.


Sacred words have always been used (and strictly guarded), as a means to move into other states of being or into other realities. This activity is not to be taken lightly for there have been many beings who have slipped into other worlds that have not been able to return or who exist ineffectively in two worlds.


In our case, we do not wish to shift into a new reality, but to attune ourselves to the frequency of the Fifth Dimension and to embed it into this reality as an overtone, as an addition to the current four dimensions.


Divine Mother is unfolding the blanket of Her consciousness as we enter into the final stages of the fourth world. In the past, great cataclysms would herald this shift from one reality to another. At this time, there are enough conscious beings on the planet to bring the shift through their physical, etheric and dreaming bodies. All the same, we are witnessing big earth changes and we attempt to shift our consciousness to include the Fifth Dimension, which adds spirituality to point, plane, depth and time, our current dimensions.


Conscious Evolution or DREJ DAH becomes a driving frequency in this shift in consciousness. Each moment must be acknowledged as a gateway into the new reality, which is always unfolding more goodness, more knowledge and a deeper connection to the Oneness.


The Avatars are clear about this: that you must entrain your self to these overtones by engaging with them one or more times a day. I activate all twelve before my feet touch the floor in the morning. To learn how to activate the 5D overtones, see this video here.You may watch and follow along. You may activate them with the mantras only or include the foot movements, which greatly empower this activation.


Each overtone is a tremendous gift that is afforded to you at this time because of the work that you have accomplished in releasing the human configuration of ego, personality, shadow, id and circular mind. Each lesson, each letting go then becomes a small gateway into the new reality. Each moment that you engage with the 5D, is a moment that you are aligned with DREJ DAH.


Now, DREJ DAH or Conscious Evolution, is best experienced through the eyes and ears of AH ZHA or streaming love. Watch your world unfold magically when you engage with AH ZHA. While it is lovely to stream this divine love to others, the Avatars say that this energy is particularly meant for you! They want you to be attracted to the Divine through the feeling of streaming love. As it flows through, there is an ensuing softness that creates a magical glow to the events that unfold before you. You also become entrained into loving yourself.


To stream love or AH ZHA, we must practice SARANJAH or calm detachment. During this shift, we will be drawn into the manifestations of MAYA by the remnants of our human configuration. In order to stay in the moment, we must manifest KENJA, absolute presence. This allows us to observe others and ourselves without JUDGMENT. Remember that judgment and suspicion emanate from the Contoller’s Mind which keeps this reality from conscious evolution.

Be present with yourself and those that have not resolved their resonances on the Wheel of Karma! KENJA, KENJA SA! activates the reminder to have awake ears and compassionate eyes. Whenever you find that you are restimulated by another’s actions, then remember SARNANJA, calm detachment. It will remind you to go to the Door of the Corridor, activate the Christos and resolve still one more resonance on the Wheel of Karma.




Dr. Valerie Girard

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8108709886?profile=originalOver the last year, we have forayed into the field of Power. One must be connected to their power to work on the deeper levels required by the eminent shifts. Power itself is a neutral force, yet it can be used to the detriment of others


Once we begin working with Power, we place ourselves in a different arena of energy. Because there are currently forces at work on the planet that are interested in deterring the shift to higher consciousness on the planet, they are able to create blocks, disturbances and mayhem with their use of Power. Because of this, those of us who are working with the Avatars and the planetary healing forces become vulnerable. All lightworkers need protection.


All working PHH practitioners are offered the protection of the Chelas. This requires a brief initiation into Their protection. However, because of how the negative forces are currently responding to the powerful Divine frequencies coming into the planet, this level of protection is not enough.


Thus, the Avatars have presented us with a powerful, simple and easy to create solution: the 4-Penny Amulet. Each practitioner has made the amulet and when worn consistently, has offered powerful protection against the deterring forces. We usually wear it around the neck at the heart or carry it in a pocket. It is best worn on the body at all times, especially during sleep.



To create it you will need four copper blanks. Some people have used pennies. I like to use the shiniest ones I have available. Begin by placing the four blanks or pennies, heads up, in a row. I like to align them as illustrated below.

As long as they are copper, the amulet will work.  Many practitioners have reported the magical, protective effects of this amulet.

You will need an ultrafine Sharpie black marker and some scotch tape.

Line up the blanks as illustrated. Write the codes in a vertical line. When you have completed the first four “heads” then flip them over horizontally so that the codes line up with each other front to back. Now inscribe the next sets of code vertically, starting at the top and moving down.


Now place the completed fourth blank on the third, both on the second and then all on the last. The first heads should be on top, the last tails showing on the bottom of the stack with all codes lined up vertically. Take a short piece of clear tape and tape them together. Voila! You have your four-penny amulet!


The best way to wear the amulet is at the heart level in a small medicine pouch. When this is not appropriate, then keep it in a small bag in your pocket or purse.


If you can find 24 blanks or spare 24 pennies, then may we suggest making 6 amulet sets. Use a compass and place these at the N, S, E, W places on your property. Take the other two and place one in the basement and the other as high as you can on your property: a tree, attic or rooftop. This provides an energetic safe zone.


When you are ready to release the amulet, merely undo the tape. This will take off the markings on the penny or blanks.


There are many stories of the success of the Amulet. One person found that a chronic lesion on her ankle cleared up immediately with its use. Others noted ease and grace in travel plans. Many felt more at ease within themselves or slept more deeply. Everyone felt its protection and the resulting shift from its use. 


You may make these amulets for others as well as share the formula. For more information on PanHarmonic Healing, please visit or


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HI Friends,


Please join us for a free, live  webcast meditation streaming from the web. Our group meditation "Preparing for the Full Moon of Humanity by embodying the new 5D codes" will help all of us integrate the new 5D Strands using the sacred mantras.

We will begin about 7:20 pm Los Angeles time tonight, Monday  June 13th.. Tune in and evolve with us at


To learn more about the new 5D strands coming in to our planet, read on:

As our PanHarmonic Group has been working together for the last two months on bringing in the new 5D strands, the first appearance appeared as a bundle of light strands streaming in from above the group. It took awhile to determine what these new frequencies were, yet within a week we had determined that they were the first strands of 5D light entering the planet. The appearance of the bundle was a forerunner of what was to come.

Over the next weeks, we were introduced to these incoming energies, one by one. We were invited into the Christalis Star. Each practitioner was asked to make himself or herself available to an Avatar. We were given a seed that we were to implant in the Human Atom, formulated to carry the code of being human. Each of us carried an imprint of the Divine into the human atom, located deep within the root chakra on the interdimensional planes. We implanted those 12 seeds to be activated.

We had the pleasure of activating these incoming 5D frequencies called overtones for the over-light the existing reality here. This manner of introduction allows for practitioners to slowly introduce the new reality into their lives without disruption of their current reality.

The caveat is this, however: whatever is not working will find a way to disappear or change. I was able to experience this first hand at the end of March with a need for a change in office space. Within twenty four hours, it was clear that the incoming forces and the Avatars were at work as the move went extremely smoothly, considering that I had been in the previous office for twenty years. Upon reflection, I can see that the Avatars were ahead of me, preparing the space with the 5D frequencies.

We are now ready to introduce these energies to the world at large that all may have the choice to participate in their transcendent frequencies!

But first, we wish to prepare the etheric structure for maximum assimilation and utilization of these energies. We are calling this the The Immortal Skeleton.

To begin, we activate the heart or the Vessel of Immortality. You may remember this from previous missives. To initiate the heart into its capacity to carry the body forth into the 5th dimension, we must activate it.
say the sacred mantra:



This activates the equilateral cross in the heart in six directions:

SRI: upwards as Transcendent Love

NA: downwards as Resonant Love

MA: to the left as Eternal Love

SA to the right as Immortal Love

TAY through the heart, forwards and backwards as a track of Infinite Love


Now we employ the well known mantra, OM MA NE PAD ME HUM. This mantra has no direct meaning, but serves as an activating force for being receptive to Divine frequencies. You may say this mantra silently to your self, sound by sound as you also listen for the sound inside of your being.


OM: activate the Crown chakra as the Gate of Ascension heavenward

MA activate the Root chakra deep into the Earth as the Gate of Divinity

NE activate the Throat as the Center for Transcendence in all directions

PAD: activate and attune the 3rd Eye as the Center of Knowingness

ME: activate the Power Center (3rd chakra)

HUM activate the Chi center (2nd chakra)


Now you are ready to receive the incoming overtones into your field, your etheric body and your physical body.

Join us tonight for a profound initiation of these new energies. for more information, visit


Dr. Valerie Girard

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Celebrate Wesak together with a free, live web cast tonight.

Join us tonight, for a live, meditation tonight at 7:25 pm, Los Angeles time in Panharmonic's Om Pavillion. We will be streaming live from the web on PanHarmonic TV. Try to plug in directly (wireless works but may be slower) and click the X to turn off ads that appear in the beginning.


Mujiba Cabugos and Valerie Girard will be leading a meditation for the Wesak.


To watch the live meditation on your computer  click on


We are excited that you can join us live from the web from around the world! 




Valerie Girard and The  PanHarmonic Team
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8108695682?profile=originalThis morning as I awoke, I heard the words, Ascension Highway. Instantly I could feel the power in these words and knew that we were indeed on the Ascension Highway. It used to be the Path, now it is a highway! When does a path become a highway? When it widens and there is more traffic!

In order for that path to widen the obstacles on either side must be removed. As we have been speaking about the Platform of Control, we know that some of the obstacles are built into the “operating system” of current earthly reality. We are opening our eyes and being conscious of these programs, these assumptions, these constructs that by their nature seek to limit our reality. While there is a perfection in all that has transpired on this planet, the Avatars are indicating that it is moment indeed to jump of the well worn path of live-work-die and jump up into the reality of Divine expression or 5D reality.

We have already become aware of our human configuration in the Corridor, seeing the ego, the personality, the addictive self, the shadow and the circular mind in action as we convert them to the Five Points of Observation. We know that we are divine, yet day after day, we may struggle with creating a reality of ease and grace!

We have become initiated into the awareness of the two forces working on humans: the Evolution and Entropy. While these two forces are seen throughout the cosmos as we watch stars and planets come in and out of existence, our life cycle here can be fairly short, laced with suffering and ignorance. There is another way!

The Ascension Highway is coming to your town! It has been in existence for ages, yet there has not been an onramp in your immediate reality. Roadblocks and diversions have kept you from seeing that you have an expanded and multi-dimensional nature.

Now we are ready to activate the highway to the next level. To do this, we employ the mantra given to us by the Avatars. Its intent is hidden in its translation: to loosen the flow of the Kundalini into our everyday frequency. This is the creative flow of the Goddess. It is the Divine Feminine. While the Goddess was honored eons ago when the Matriarchy was alive, it has been squelched for millennia. While pantheons of the Gods included specific goddesses, such as Isis, Hera, Diana and more, these Goddesses were often assigned tasks or personalities that limited the flow of the Goddess to all beings on the planet. The Great Goddess was suppressed and this has been the secret of the Platform.

In the previous missive, The Platform of Control, we have seen how to contain, detach from and shift our energies into Divine Focus with the Encode of the three Christalis Avatars, Eyend, Christos and Tara. There is more. We must deactivate the Platform in our lives as well as others. To do this we use this mantra sequence. Make no mistake, this is very powerful.


This work prepares us for the next phase of bringing though the 5D strands of Light onto the planet. We need them to light up the all new Ascension Highway, currently coming to your town soon!

For more information see


Blessings to All,

Dr. Valerie Girard

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Attuning to the Solar Evolutionary Force

8108690283?profile=originalWhether you are reading science blogs or spiritual missives, you may become aware of increased solar activity both in solar flares, solar winds and the earth’s susceptibility to this activity. While some authors point to the positive and negative effects of these manifestations, we look to the solar activity as a means for acquiring additional energy for our evolutionary work. Again, we are being directed to accumulate energy to engender a shift of our awareness to a higher state.

Recently, we were treated to a special meditation that provided us access to the renewing force of both the Sun and the Earth. We are delighted to share this with you now.

Imagine that you are moving your attention inwards to your core. With your breath, bring this attention upwards with your inhale and downwards with the exhale. Expand this movement to the root chakra and upwards to the Crown chakra.

When you are ready, open the Root chakra with AHZA CRAY TI JRA and continue breathing downwards into your Earth chakra by extending the Prana tube into the Earth grid. Breathe your attention into the heart of the Earth until you experience a pool of molten gold energy. Breathe that golden energy upwards through the Prana Tube and the Central channel until you extend beyond the Crown into the Soul Star. With the exhale, cascade this golden frequency downwards towards the earth, letting it crossing backwards through your Root chakra and continuing down into the molten gold heart center.

As you bring the gold flow up through the earth and into the Prana Tube and Central Channel, continue up into the Christalis Star. Open to the Avatars, receiving Their offering of renewal: the shimmering silvery flow of Divinity. Allow this to flow down the front of the body to the Root chakra, crossing backwards to continue down into the heart of Gaia. Flow the Avatars frequency into Gaia, allowing it to dance in Her heart.

Once again pick up the gold, breathe it up the channels and cross backwards through the Root to bring the flow up the front of the spine. In this way, you create a continuous flow in the shape of an infinity sign, crossing backwards at the Root, cresting at the Christalis Star and dipping into the heart of Gaia.

When you have established this beautiful circuit of renewal, advance your attention upwards, reaching towards the Sun. Extend your attention deeply into the center of the Sun. Pause here and attune to the Solar frequency. Open to the crystalline offerings of this great Source. Invite that flow to cascade downwards through the Christalis Star, Soul Star and then the Central channel. Let this flow pause briefly at each chakra to absorb into the base of the chakras. Then allow it to continue downwards into the heart of Gaia, to nourish and enlighten Her center. Collect the gold and breathe it upwards into the Sun and then cascade the crystalline energy downwards into your body and the body of Gaia. Thus, we begin to acclimate to the Solar forces that are penetrating into our physical and etheric realities.

As you practice this flow, the gold, the silver and the crystalline flows will merge as one, providing you with a synthesized expression of Oneness between the Sun and the Earth. Find the joy in this expression and you will know an instantaneous surge of evolution towards the Oneness.


For more information, see us at or

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The Song of the Soul

8108682672?profile=originalThe Song of the Soul plays out in the subtle journey of your life. It is a continuous flow of expression of interests, experiences, lessons, openings, expansions and initiations. It is rich and deep, light and resonant and sometimes those depths require severe lessons to body and mind.The soul is our bridge to the Oneness, a vehicle that is born in the great expanse of this multi-verse. Even through its travels, its resonance persists over each incarnation, always seeking to expand and honor the Oneness from which it sprang. We recognize souls we have encountered by the shine in their eye and the resonance of their field. Our soul is born from the Oneness, differentiates into a singularity, then divides into the dance of the polarity both mundane and Divine.While your body is compact and uniform, the Soul has folds that are gathered like a skirt, or a bunch of flowers or an amoeba or a sponge. Each soul appears unique in its energetic configuration. There is a blossoming or expansive nature to your soul as it chooses it express itself in various forms of reality.There is also a tone, a vibration to your soul - this is the Soul Song. Like the song of the whale, it is your energetic signature and though it may deepen and expand, it remains recognizable. It may at times bear the weight of a challenge or lesson, but those who have known you will always recognize your song.The Soul is a unique expression of the Oneness. Soul groups express themselves as beautiful facets of Oneness. There is beauty in meeting others in your soul group for it strikes a cord in your being that allows you to experience the depth or resonance of your soul.How to experience the Oneness? The Oneness expects your arrival, like a host waiting at the door for a welcomed guest. It you do not know to make the journey or are too lazy or preoccupied to take the steps forward to the Oneness, you may miss the experience of the Oneness, even though it will be always waiting for you.How to make the journey of the Soul into Oneness consciousness?Look for the Oneness on every doorstep; in every branch swaying in the wind, with every rustle in the thicket, on every face you gaze upon. Look for the synchronicities of life; they will signal the eminent arrival of the Oneness reaching through to you. Expect the Oneness to show up any moment and give great thanks when you experience it, if only for a flash.The Oneness has already sent ahead lavish gifts to you: the beauty of a mountain lake in the early hours of stillness, the kindness in a stranger’s eyes as they open a door for you, the love in a mother’s heart for her children, the way sunlight plays across your doorstep at dusk. Open the folds of your Soul and receive and gather these gifts, letting them register deeply in your heart.How does the Soul play out the journey back to Oneness? Through the dance of the Divine Mother and Father. They reach out to your soul, with Their emanations of great Light and Love. Something stirs within and you take your first steps. Every chord struck only strengthens your resolve to return back into the arms of the Mother with the Father looking deeply into your heart. They speak to your through Nature Herself and through the prophets and holy ones who have manifested in your reality. Begin to listen in the teachings of all great beings for Their message and song.As you move through your day, bring soul consciousness to all you do by saying, quite frequently: AS THE SOUL. Then look for the beautiful manifestations of Oneness that precede its appearance. They are everywhere.For a specific meditation to expand your Soul consciousness, go to www.panharmonic.ning.comand join us in this powerful meditation.
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Dispelling the Fringe of Self Reflection

What a journey it has been in this last Full Moon cycle!
The journey began in the days leading up to the Full Moon. In our lastmissive, we addressed the energetic origin of original sin. We came tounderstand that the true nature of original sin is keeps us separatedfrom our authentic self, the Goddess and Source. However the realoriginal sin is that we were programmed to think something is wrong withus, when in fact we are vibrational reflections of the Creator withunlimited possibilities. All we need to do to shift our alignment withthis configuration of limitation is to add specific cosmic frequenciesto the Fringe.

Leading up to the time of the Full Moon, I had a real sense of thiserrant frequency floating up to the surface of my subconscious. Irecognized it as a familiar feeling that had been with me for as long asI remember. However, because of our work with the Fringe of SelfReflection, I was able to identify the vibration of it and observe it.This process was not instantaneous, but an unlayering of stagnantenergetic sludge. It arose in my dreams, was with me upon waking andplayed out in various situations in my life. As I aligned with theGoddess frequency day after day, it shifted and dissipated, layer bylayer.

Yet this heavy feeling continued to emerge like a dead weight in myconsciousness. Finally, I took myself into nature to get to the bottomof what was persistently feeling like being wrong and lacking in flowwith the universe.

I went to a place in the mountains filled with lumbering pines, leafyoaks and groupings of granite and quartz boulders that we call Church ofthe Rock. My normal resting place was in the full strength of the sun,so I sought out a place in the shade that I could lean my body into andhunker down for a deep communion with the Goddess. My guidance kept memoving until I found this small rough rock that I could lean on as I satamongst the pine needles and the small shoots of foliage that spring upin gravelly dirt.

As I settled down into this place and the feeling emerging from me,there was a heaviness. I identified this energy as a distant response toexpressing the Goddess. All around me, I sensed very negative feelingsas if to deter me once again from aligning with the Goddess. Thisfeeling was so strong that I could not find my way through it. I gotvery still and listened and stayed with this feeling for quite awhile.

There was a moment in all of this that my eyes sprang open. Somethingimmediately caught my eye: a sparkle of light danced in front of me. Atiny glistening ball of changing colored light seemed to move with theslight breeze that fluttered around me. I realized that this jewel oflight was attached to a pine branch that responded with the slightfluctuations of air currents. With each gentle bobbing of the branch,the colors flashed as blue, red, gold, orange or green. As I fixed mygaze upon this light show, I felt the shifting light penetrate into mythird eye. With this, the heavy feeling began to lighten and change. Ibegan to breathe more deeply. Every time I opened my eyes, the dancinglight struck a shifting chord within me. Soon, the heaviness dissipatedand I felt at one with everything around me.

I sat for a few minutes, contemplating what had occurred. The dancinglight had penetrated the darkness of the preponderance I had carriedaround with me for my entire life or perhaps my entire experience ashuman.

After a time, I got up to see what had produced this phenomenon oflight. As I approached the single pine branch extended towards me I sawthat it was but a single clear drop of sap that had reflected all thejewel tones of the sun that had penetrated my consciousness and producedsuch a profound shift in my consciousness.

With this I knew that our journey into the light of Christalis Ashramwould produce a shift for all those who would journey there at the timeof the Full Moon.

To liberate the energetic confinement of the original sin configuration,begin with Sibalin. Descend into your Cauldron on the right and stirfor power moving clockwise. Breathe and feel this energy as you stir andthen bring it up to the Fringe of Self Reflection around your feet,weaving through the entanglement of the Eight Perils that make up theFringe.
1. I am Despicable
2. I am Victim
3. I am Slave
4. I am Stupid
5. I am Lacking
6. I am Evil
7. I am Monster
8. I am Wrong

Using the Vos Sa mudra, with your prayer hands open at one end, slicethrough the fringe from left to right and back, moving in a semi circlearound your feet for many passes. Dip into your Cauldron and then tracethrough the Fringe with your Vos Sa mudra. Let your personal powerdisengage your entanglement with this myth manifesting as truth. Feelyour true connection to Self, Goddess and Source.

Disengaging from this will afford you a point of observation about howyou have been entrained to resist manifesting the Divine Feminine. Itwill untangle your fears of shining forth. Prepare to observe thesemanifestations coming to light in the next few days and bring the lightof consciousness into these outdated paradigms that no longer serveyou…or the configuration of human consciousness evolving into Divinity.

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The Rainbow Body by Christalis

The Christalis Avatars have guided me to delineate the components of the Rainbow Body for practitioners or anyone interested in this development in our ascension process. These major components are being explored with mudra, movement and meditation by PanHarmonic Practitioners. Join us in this study.

The Dream Bodybubbles out to our left. There are five rings or layers to the Dream Body. The first layer we are generally familiar with for it facilitates our normal dreaming experience. The second ring enables conscious dreaming, where normal reality shifts into a heightened state or normal reality shifts. The third ring has to do with lucid dreaming, where one wakes up in the dream and has command of their experience. The fourth ring is shape shifting. This is when someone has command of their energy and is able to shift into a different persona or appearance and hold that frequency. The fifth ring of dreaming occurs when we wake up in a new dream or reality and are able to exist there.

The Purpose Bodyexudes from our right side. There are five stations of purpose: right, forward, backwards, up and down. These address our current reality, our personal history, the intended future, heightened consciousness and depth reality. We want to participate in this realm of experience with purpose, confidence, sobriety, impeccability and controlled abandon, relating sequentially to these five stations of purpose.
The Corridor of Deathexists from the root chakra to below our feet. As we clear it, it becomes a conveyor for the Kundalini. This allows us to participate and benefit from the awakening of the planet, rather than maintain ourselves on an isolated journey.

The Repository of the Kundalini lies buried deep within the planetary consciousness. It is awakening and beginning to flow. One must clear their Corridor to effectively experience and benefit from the rise of the Kundalini.

Our Magnetic Centeris located in and behind our solar plexus…and beyond. Meaning, it is a gateway into parallel universes. It acts as an attractor, magnetizing reality into being.

Of course, the Rainbow Body has seven chakras. Each chakra contributes to the Rainbow Body both in frequency and light. Each chakra is essential in the operation and balance of the Rainbow Body and is intimately linked to one specific Avatar.

The Soul Star is our link to higher consciousness. Located above our Crown chakra, we have access to higher consciousness at all times. It is also our gateway to the Christalis Star.

The Christalis Staris located in the higher vibrational states above the Soul Star. It is here, there and everywhere and yet anchored in a more accessible state above the OM Pavilion. It is a brilliant manifestation of the Christalis Light Body, a unique composite of twenty cosmic Avatar frequencies. This is where we best entrain for ascension.

For more information, link to

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The New Year, the New Groove

The specter of the New Year always offers such hope, such promise for renewal. Even as we look forward, I cannot help but realize what I am feeling about the year ahead has changed because of the offerings of the Avatars in this last year.Many of us have seen and experienced the challenges of 2009. For many people, 2009 was a year of difficulty and loss. For others it was a year of inner growth and an expansion of consciousness. For some, it was both.Looking to the New Year, I draw upon the experience of jumping to a New Groove. One does not jump once. It is a continual process. We have seen that our personal Ring of Perpetual Indulgence is a force that pulls us into the old groove. Through our work in the Corridor with the Ring and by careful observation in our life for the manifestation of the Ring, we are cutting the cords that pull us down into the Old Groove. With each cord we cut (and there can be hundreds to cut!) we find it easier to maintain our connection to the Divine. This is always augmented by our use of the mudras and the activations. By linking with the evolutionary process of the Avatars through the Encodes, we are able to experienced a heightened experience of the energies of the Avatars.News Flash! While the old groove (the Ring) is a circle that goes round and round, the New Groove is a spiral! How does this work?Each time you do an Encode, the vibration of your life (the spiral) elevates a notch. Consistently employing the Daily Encodes means that your spiral of evolution is constantly moving upwards in vibration. Incrementally, you begin to entrain to the higher vibrating frequencies of the Avatars. In time, your vibration becomes Divine in nature.While this is a fantastic development for you, it has a deeper level of importance.When you link with the Avatars, your energy field not only vibrates at a higher frequency, it increases its range of influence. This allows you to positively affect the fields around you. Each time you affirm that I AM Immortal or I AM Eternal, you affirm it for all those beings in your sphere of influence.This will affect plants and animals as well. I see it happening in our household. When have you ever met a cat that follows your suggestions? Both of our cats are willingly following our suggestions to come, sit, dine with us (yes, Ku sits politely at the table and waits for offerings) and go to sleep. Often times I invite Ku to help me write and he shows up minutes later. Sibalin likes to participate in PHH sessions, so I call to her silently when I am doing energetic work. She always comes in, asks permission to come up on the table and then gets down to the business of clearing, treating or comforting a client. Occasionally Ku will come in to assist, but he knows the main work is up to Sibalin. Last night, as we were leaving and saying goodbye to our dog, Ku came over and lay down next to her to comfort her.The Avatars are indicating that 2010 will continue to be challenging for many people. Those without a spiritual focus may feels lost and loose hope. Those with a spiritual focus will have to maintain a disciplined approach to their daily life.Recently a friend who is a therapist and I had a talk about how to respond to those around us who may be going through a difficult time. Later that day, the Avatars had this to say:“There are three possible responses to those who share their difficulties.The first is to sympathize. You may look upon that person with pity and say, ’Poor you!”. This places you above them. This does not ever make them feel better and in fact, may make them feel worse then or later.The second is to empathize. This brings you into their field and into their vibration. Now you are down in their pain, sorrow, confusion, fear or frustration. This does not help them as now there are two of you vibrating at a low frequency.You may unconsciously take on their vibration because it re-stimulates something from your past that is unresolved. You may not realize this and now you are acting out of a low vibration. This does not help you or the other person.You may even be an empathic person and have a tendency to take on the feelings or symptoms of other people into your body. By unconsciously embodying other’s suffering, you negatively affect your vibration. Some healers operate by taking on another’s symptoms and attempting to process them. While this may sometimes help the other person, it is hardly an efficient use of energy. In fact, it can often be quite draining of both energy and health.There is a third way. If you can dedicate yourself to not only raising your vibration, but also maintaining it in the face of suffering, you can utilize compassion as a way of interacting with people who are experiencing difficulty. Compassion, sympathy and empathy may look similar but in fact are very different. In compassion, you are able to be with someone without downgrading your energetic state.The best way to be with someone who is suffering physically, emotionally or mentally is to align with Source, accessing it through your Soul Star. Allow the Divine to flow through down your central channel into your heart. Listen with your Eternal Ears, experiencing the vibration behind the words of suffering person. Radiate the frequency of the Divine into your field and expand it to include the field of the person to whom you are listening. Be with that person while you hold that flow coming through your heart. This is the nature of true compassion: being present in your highest vibration. Being is freeing because it allows you maintain a high vibrational state while remaining detached. Detached does not mean aloof, for you are fully present with the person.In the coming year, there will be many opportunities for all of you to be with others in their moments of difficulties. Your capacity to hold higher and higher vibrations will continue to increase if you can remain on the path of a Thousand Steps.We have given you the gifts of Immortality, Eternity and Sourced. With them comes the responsibility of utilizing them to augment the reality that is currently manifesting before you. We know that as you use these gifts, you will find your life augmented and intentions facilitated. We continually flow so much grace, power and love to you….you need only open the field of your hearts wide to receive all We have to share with you.If you will but attend to the transformation of your vehicle into an Eternal body, you will find that you are absolutely capable of being of tremendous assistance to all beings on the planet. Let your self hear vibration with Eternal Ears, see energy with Eternal eyes and love compassionately with an Eternal Heart. These then will be your gifts back to Us, the Christalis Avatars. May your year ahead be blessed and increasingly reflective of your Divine nature.”
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The End of the Year with the Avatars

It has been quite a year. We have thinned the Wall of Maya. We have initiated ourselves unto the Path of Living Ascension. We have been given the gift of the Daily Encodes. We have activated and experienced the 20 Avatars of the Christalis Code. We activated our Sheen, We have jumped into a New Groove with our Ketheric Vehicles.The Avatars provided us with a powerful daily education in the Living Ascension Path. We were taken through three Cosmic Portals, initiated into the path of Immortality, Eternity and Sourced. We were introduced to the Corridor of Death and the Ring of Perpetual Indulgence and given tools to navigate through and release what is held there.For all this and so much more, I am grateful. I hope you all have learned from a really profound place in yourself. I pray the Encodes are teaching you from within.Traditionally, the end of the year is the shamanic time to release all that does not serve us. If you have a moment, go to a low spot in your environment. If you can, light a small fire and throw in a bundle to burn all that does not serve you any more. Do a give-away from you heart and know that when I do my ceremony tomorrow night, I will hold you all in my heart.Then, on New Years, wake up with a fresh glow to look into “How caan I evolve this year? What can I manifest? Who am I in the flow of the Universe? How many I serve my evolutionary path and the path of others?”Then, bless yourself for all the work you have done this year. I bless you for you are a blessing to me.Love and Gratitude,Valerie
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11:11:11 I AM Immortal

The eleventh day of the eleventh month of a year that adds up to eleven numerologically. 11:11:11. So the portal opens.We met last night in front of a crackling fire with a room full of quietly contemplative practitioners. We were reminded that this was the first step of a journey of thousand steps…namely the next three years, if we were able to take one step towards our immortality each day.The Avatars wanted us to know that while we may think of immortality as designating one’s ability to live forever, in this context They wanted us to reflect into our past to see that we have always been. The Avatars indicated too that during these Energetic Portals, the molecules that make up the 1% of matter begins to shimmer and are more conducive to transformation. That is why we focus our concentrated efforts around these openings.During our time in meditation, we used the Re-encode of these last 10 days as a focusing agent to entrain our molecules to the imprint of immortality. It is like learning to walk again and each time we move with this long encode, especially in activation, we are able to program the imprint of immortality. Therefore, the Avatars suggest that if you have not taken the time to do this Re-Encode, then it is important to do so to continue on our journey together.The Avatars first brought us through our chakras, beginning by opening the Crown chakras, connecting with the Soul Star above the crown and then moving downwards through the chakras, ending at the earth star below the feet. We then were instructed to connect our Soul Star to the group Soul Star 100 feet above the property. From here, we connected to the star of Sirius, then Alcyone, a Pleiadean star that assists in the transformation of the vibrational rates of matter. We then proceeded to Galactic Center and from there, we aimed our consciousness towards Cosmic Central. This was a very powerful link and this frequency was used to boost our efforts in re-encoding our DNA (that 1%!)We then ran the “Am I Immortal” encode of Treyen, Shekinah and Gaia while asking the opening question, “AM I Immortal?”Now we were ready to re-encode. We began with Zhe-In who opened an inner chamber for us 90º to the left. Zhe-In is master of reality and has many portals into various aspects of possible realities. These portals open into energetic training “rooms”, where we can be infused with frequencies that will entrain our physical matter, our unconscious mind and our soul matter.From here, we turned left again into a deeper chamber to be entrained by the Gaia frequency. Gaia reminded us that She is the custodian of our matter and that She is transforming into a crystalline frequency. We also were reminded that some will do this work and others will not and this will have to be reconciled.We then turned again into Athabascar where we were instructed to lay down the constructs of time and space to consider immortality. We opened the tablets of our awareness for a new code to be written upon by the Avatars. We did this by opening our palms forward in the Fati mudra. We then resumed the Athabascar mudra in an open stance and radiated this new encoded awareness into the left body, then the right body and finally into conscious awareness.Now we assumed the mudra of Sibalin, breathing the frequencies of passion (heat), power (electric) and love (union with the Divine). Sibalin’s frequency makes our immortality real. In time it will manifest as a surge of feelings that allows the program of immortality to penetrate into our physical and emotional realities.From here we connected with Ta Tou, visualizing that all aspects of this new reality be coherent with the reality that we now manifest. This means that in time we will walk on the edge of time and space, living in this current reality, yet not of it.At this point we again were asked to turn 90º in our awareness and use Ka Ten to bring to life the physical awakening of our immortality. We want this new state to be viable and feel real and alive! The mudra was held to the left of our bottom sternum while we affirmed out loud “ I AM Immortal”, then whispered it and then brought it silently into our hearts. We then transferred the mudra over to the outer rib cage and repeated the affirmations. Finally we imagined turning again and placed the mudra right below the sternum, repeating our affirmations.Now, we were back in the “room” with Zhe-In, having turned 360º (plus 90º into the room.) We bowed to Zhe-In and turned back to our starting point. Here we bowed to the Master of Reality and then held the mudra open while we listened for any guidance from Zhe-In.At the end, we dropped into Sanat Kumara to connect through to Source and Cosmic Center, allowing this powerful frequency to download through Galactic Center, Alcyone, Sirius, the Group Soul Star and finally to our own soul star. The Avatars then installed an energetic formation into our group energy so that we could connect with it at any time.We were reminded and I remind you here that you must be diligent in watching and speaking your thoughts, for they will program your future. Watch your references to illness, aging, time, limitation, death and negativity. You may say “I AM Immortal” with impunity and are encouraged to include it constantly in your thoughts and to register all noticeable effects from this work. Your subconscious mind must be retrained to release these forms of limiting your reality and instead must embrace the truth of energy – eternity.
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