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Short message from commander Ashtar

Greetings. Ashtar here.

Will the american election take place as planned, on 3rd of November?

Yes, but it will be chaotic. A big turmoil. People will question old routines and realize that change is needed in the world. They WILL make a difference. This turmoil can even be in a subtle way.  After the election, most parts of your society won´t look like as you are used to.

Who will win the election?

Donald Trump.



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Conversation with commander Ashtar

Conversation with commander Ashtar in my regression-session June 2020

The commander appeared and I expressed my deep respect for him.

Me: what happens in the world right now, what´s going on actually?

C.A: The purpose of this virus is transformation of humanity. Transformation of your consciousness, your way of thinking. You have to look inside yourselves and see what´s going on in there. If you focus on what´s happening outside, you can only see what they taught you but if you focus on inside, you can see what you truly are - cosmic beings.

Everything changes now: small issues become bigger and big issues loose meaning. For example: your capitalistic way of thinking is not sustainable, so it won´t survive in the long run. It must be replaced by some other system. I think it´s strange that you are so concerned about your so-called "climate-problems" but you don´t care about that your society´s foundations lie on capitalism. You do not have any climate-problems, it´s only the bad guys who want to keep you busy so that they can roll out their agenda! Mother Earth is supporting you, so you don´t have to worry!

You will move away from that "throwaway-society" which you have now.

Instead of your present buildings, you will build houses which last for several hundred years - they will be more sustainable. 

Me: will we have money in our new society? How will the monetary system develop?

C.A: The monetary system will change to another system.

This is the only way to create a transformation of humanity! Every soul up here has gone through what you are going through now. This is an enormous and demanding situation for all but once you have gone through it, it will be easier. So, this corona-situation is only a pretext for something bigger. You can clear yourselves and take away everything which do not serve you any more.

Relax. Only when you relax, you can receive messages, information. When you are tensed, you only listen to your own beliefs and it´s not certain that your beliefs will help you.

Me: will there be a second lockdown? Yes!

Me: will 5G be rolled out as planned? Yes, but it won´t last forever. The same with the vaccines.

Me: will humanity raise its consciousness? Yes but it will take a very long time. One of the errors you make is that you want to have it all at once. You are not moderate.

Meditate more!

Me: how can we trust our world, how can we relate to it? I mean, it´s the bad guys who should listen to all this.....

C.A: we are working behind the scenes in order to help you. We eliminate your bad guys. Much of your present society will fall down.

Me: is Donald Trump a bad or a good guy?

C.A: none of them; he is nor good, nor bad; he has his own agenda. Don´t trust him. Even China has its own agenda, they want to be bigger and also Africa will rise somehow.

Here we have several millions of spaceships working together. Many lightworkers feel the white light of the Universe.

Be calm - don´t panic!

He reminded me of the fact that the Earth makes a part of the whole Universe, it goes around and around in our solar system. 

Ask the archangels for healing!

I thanked the commander for all his help.


Earlier this spring 2020 I got a vision that this virus is originating from Mother Earth and now the confirmation is here in the text above. So, it was Mother Earth/ The Universe who sent us the virus in order to help us. 

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