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Annie's Lights.. A novel about Light Orbs

Greetings my lovely cosmic friends x
This novel is creating quite a storm locally, In Yorkshire, England...
I believe you may enjoy this riveting novel about a reclusive Yorkshire lass that has LIGHT ORB friends. They come to her assistance, as 'Annie' finds herself embroiled in a global mystery. Annie has psychic and telepathic abilities which ultimately saves her life. It starts from a local intimate level as the characters build and ends up on the global stage with murder, mystery and suspense. I have enclosed the link to buy it from Amazon, should you be interested, You won't regret it and many thanks in advance to you, my wonderful cosmic kin. xxx

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Resistance Hurts.. How to let go!




The frustration that you feel in your head is your own resistance. It is your own potential energy that you are holding back because you don't yet have enough belief that you that you deserve to be happy all of the time. There can be guilt associated with feeling happy when the world is still in the toxified mess that it is. It is tremendous and hurts our heads as we find ways to confirm to ourselves that we are right to feel frustrated. And there's a myriad of reasons to think about and feel bad.

At times, we get frustrated with the world because we know full well that the suppressed knowledge and technologies can detoxify the planet as well as our own bodies. It's frustrating to watch our own families and loved ones killing themselves through fear and hopelessness. we watch around us, the spirited gloom and doom based on the 2012 scenario, knowing that what we think- so we create. The politics that have us held by the balls and the endless lies spun in the faces of ignorance. It all hurts and i wish that everyone (sold-iers and martyrs) would just sit down and concentrate on their own families and happiness first.


    • It's not selfish or uncaring to consider our own happiness first, it is essential. We have proved many, many times that we cannot change people from the top down. we can't order people to be free and feel the joy that really is here for us, if we wish to see it. It is a very personal choice, it is very personal and for that, it can seem like a very lonely journey. but until each re-cognises this; we rely on others to make us feel happy inside.

      I gave myself so much resistance because i felt it was selfish to be happy in the dire circumstances of my own and greater world and it drove me to seek help from the psychiatric health teams. It took me years in a drugged stupor to realise that all they did for me was to give me the tools (drugs and 'support') to exercise my darkness even deeper, and I ran to them, voluntarily. I needed it because I wasn't happy until I saw for myself that it was me that created that in my head in the first place. That resistance to recognise the empathy and warmth of myself and to appreciate the love that I have for others suffering and even myself throughout the darkest of times.

      We have to stop the resistance within ourselves and that takes great courage to admit and believe that it was our own doing. It takes a tremendous amount of patience to forgive ourselves and stop the infernal inner dialogue from taking our strength away.

      The more we awaken; the more we know that not only do we have the WILL and strength to literally change our minds; we remember that it is the norm to have such a powerful spirit to use as we will. I love Leonard Nimoy for reminding us that "if we don't program our own minds, then the world will program it for us" and we know that the world leaders don't want that. So eventually, we take the responsibility to recognise and share the good loving vibes that are abundant in our own spiritual make-up.

      I know this letter is a long one and if it serves only to relieve your frustration and take away the bore-dom for a moment then it's good. It's all spin, the whole multi-verse is spinning, thought is a spiritual ride and we experience the ups and downs. Sitting in the back seat leaves us frustrated and blind to the view ahead. Being in the driver’s seat is True power but not to take the world on your journey but to take yourself into the world of your desires. When people see you driving your own world and cannot drive their own merkaba, they jump on your bandwagon because you give them the inspirational confidence to know that you know where your heading and realise that they too want the same and learn to drive their own lighted spirit bodies into joy.

      That world is t/here and always has been but we lose sight of the direction towards joy. It starts within and expands out, just as creation does. All worlds are here now, in manifestation and the magic of enlightenment is to re-cognise that; that is a fact. Then, all that is left to do is to let go of resistance and spin in the right, divine direction and en-joy our own happiness, if that's what we wish.
    • Creation being as it is: a wonderful open system of resonance in verse, will give you more ways to spin just what you desire. But you have to show the multiversity your proffered tempo. You know the saying Will-I-AM "laugh and the world laughs with you" You deserve it, you are here, caring!. Honour it and it is yours forever. It is only what we all really want; for everyone else to be happy too

      You are awake and now is the time to engage in the wonders of the beautiful cosmos because YOU are smack in the middle of it.

      I love this vid because it helps me to appreciate the freedom of my own will in the abundant all.

      Peace and love to you my thoughtful friend

      Sharon x


This T-U-Be! Channel has been created for People who wish to understand more of: Who and what we are. What it is that we live in. What it is that lives inside us!! Please be bold and proud of your exploration because there no-thing more worthy of knowing than you!... Please: Enjoy. Know Yourself Before all others

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ParadoxIt's nice to meet an-other being, that can appreciate the beauty of paradox. Yes, we exist in this excited experience of multi-dimensionality here upon the Earth's surface.For paradox will set us free and drive us to paranoia at the same time. You see, we are paradox in motion existing together in this experience. Not separate but together as the word suggests. We are Para-normal (node) beings in a Para-psychic existence of Dox.Please allow me to expand on that for a moment:Para, meaning; along side or parallelDox, meaning; document or expressionParadoxically, it’s commonly believed to be a word to de-scribe and asserts opposition, contrast and division but the beauty of its meaning lies in the knowledge of one truth that includes paradox. ALL IS in expression. There is much to say about paradox because it's so exciting and eloquent. We feel the magnitude of it until our heads burns with energy.Doxology is indeed the’ log of divine knowledge according to the ancient Greeks (Geeks) and they expressed this in psalms which are a Doxa of belief. Today we no longer rely on voice alone to express our Doxa or dossier; we have an array of technologies that express en-mass. Light source is the future medium that surpasses radio wave and is already ex-changing tactics of generals en-mass. Not military generals but Genes of life. The Internet is a cosmic portal to light in-formation concerning the Genesis of Humanity; it is not the source but a medium of certain information. An oracle of light waves in motion, delivered in packets of thought formYou and I are living in a wonderful Para-psychic energy field that is alive and expressing its-elf in the form of DOX-T (Direct Operation Exchange - Tactical) In-fact, we are tact-fully programmed through the Operating System of DOX to exchange knowledge in the transference of thought forms creating E-motion and response in parallel realities.This is a brilliant analogy and proposal of mine that our genes are in-fact binary bits. Doxes (doses) of living amino facsimiles, we ourselves are packets of configured data in the process of analysis and so read-is-cover the nature of our spirit potential and re-write our scripts. Or simply put; know thy self and know codes of source.Unstable? Yes, for now but we are still upgrading from the communication breakdown of life energies. We are no longer a closed circuit running around on our own harddrive for the code because I have found the broadband connection to our server. It has enabled the network drivers to receive and transmit an array of cosmic energies in-formation. Human physical action is dependent on e-motional/psycho-log-ical frequencies that are in evolvement and will change our GUI (Graphical User Interface) or DNA. We have experienced re-markable result already in the healing of our systems. Becoming more balanced and in-line with the server by the dayYes we do exist in multi-dimensional frequencies and are tuned by the grace of god. The paradox of faith is founded on inner divine knowledge .The light photons are gathering at speeds and we be-come cosmic Sys-stars and I thank you for your warmth our Br-Others of light for reminding me that there are many more souls joining us now. May we remember our beautiful sensual selves and re-member to express our beauty in sensuality that shines in reflection of true light? I am reflection of yourself in the ever spooling Universal vortex of in-formation Doxa my friends and I wish only to entertain your thoughts for a moment.I hope that I haven’t bored or puzzled you, peace be with you and happy clickingLife Love and Light Sharon x
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