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Update by Sheldan Nidle 20120417

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Ben, 6 Kank'in, 8 Manik - April 17, 2012

Dratzo! We return! The great shift that your world is undergoing was first predicted by the Ancients over 13,000 years ago. It is part of what they called 'the great galactic year.' Heaven is to honor this time by establishing a great Light, which will wash away the dark and all its minions. We were asked, over 20 of your years ago, to come here and be ready at an appointed time to carry out a mass landing of our personnel on your precious shores. And so we came, and then saw that Heaven's dates for this undertaking were somewhat unclear. So we adapted, and proceeded to use these moments to get to know you better. Since our arrival here, we have become part of a sacred movement to prepare Gaia's surface humans for the requirements of the divine decrees for this planet. One of them specifies the need to resolve the issue of the dark minions' labyrinth of control on your planet through sacred cleansing. In the main this will start with a formal, immense change in the way your societies operate and in the way you perceive the nature of your reality.

    This great transformation of your reality has, in fact, already been accomplished in Heaven, and all that remains is for it to manifest in physicality. Fundamental sections of your major governments have come together with many secret sacred societies and formed alliances, which include a large number of nation states. This union has obtained the legal and moral agreements which set the stage for a major action that is to happen this spring. We have brought this coalition and merged its intentions with those of Inner Earth. All of us are dedicated to performing our due diligence and, at the proper time, to removing the dark and its agents from their positions of power on your world. This action will clear the way for a flurry of activity, culminating in our mass landings on your planet. Then we can prepare you swiftly for your return to full consciousness and your reunion with your Inner Earth, spiritual, and space families. All this forms part of a far grander and more consequential plan: to turn this galaxy to Light.

    Since the advent of peace in our galaxy, Heaven has been able to amalgamate our Federation with the former Anchara Alliance. This expanded Galactic Federation of Light is now focused on bringing you to full consciousness. In many respects you are a great symbol to the ex-members of the dark Anchara Alliance, who daily ask us for details of what is happening on your world. They are very keen to have you come and assist them in their own unique ascension process, which is why nearly half of our fleet in your solar system is composed of ships from these newly joined star-nations. Our liaisons have kept up a steady exchange of data and meetings with them to discuss developments on your planet. Right now, we are gathering information about what is to happen shortly. Various military and police forces are readying for the mass arrests of key members of your governments, global financial networks, and major banks around your world. These arrests form the initial thrust of a vast undertaking to remake your reality.

    The remaking of your reality will allow us to come and work openly in your world. Decades ago you permitted the nuclear 'genie' to grow into a network of nuclear power plants which presently serve as prime sources of electricity. Sadly, these were built according to faulty designs which daily leak unsafe amounts of radiation into your air, water, and ground. It is essential for them to be shut down and all nuclear waste storage locales neutralized. Presently, several nuclear power plants in Japan have spread large amounts of radiation into the Pacific and around your globe. A great deal of this radioactive poison is being extracted covertly each day from your seas and air by our personnel, but such a potential health risk needs a much more hands-on interaction by our network of ships. This is one of the major reasons for your new governments to do our disclosure within days of their assuming power rather than weeks, as previously planned. We have much to address in these broadcasts regarding how to neutralize these serious health risks and how to clean up your air, water, and soil.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with news about the progress of our associates in manifesting your prosperity and your new governance. The mass arrests are very close to happening. Many figures in banking and finance have already resigned from a wide range of institutions throughout the world, and now these barely reported events include the upper management of some major international corporations. Our associates are limiting the movements of numerous high-level officials in preparation for what is to happen. The changes in government will become public knowledge only after we have secured control of a number of major banking corporations and have assumed a supervisory role in the operation of several key central banks.

    Our intention is to bring down the present corrupt financial system and clean up the trading markets of your global society. Corporations and their many stock manipulations and unjust speculation of commodities need to be drastically transformed. In order to move you out of want and deprivation into a realm of unbounded prosperity, your economy requires both a deep cleanse and a total reconfiguration. The end of illegal taxations and the application of various awe-inspiring new technologies will be a good start. The workings of your major financial institutions will quickly change out of all recognition; they are to become instruments that will enable the manifestation and management of your heart-felt dreams, leading to an optimum environment for your own transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light.

    As for your governance, it is in desperate need of a complete overhaul! Politicians and their parties, from time immemorial, have needed to raise money to get elected or to retain public office. This requirement is an open invitation for moral compromise, malfeasance in high office, or even an entire take-over by 'special interests.' Your new governance will move quickly beyond such considerations and set up an environment that discourages such activity. This will be done by instituting a vast public watchdog network, inspired by a new attitude to governance and by greatly facilitated access to government and interaction between officials and the people. A fully informed and educated populace and a swiftly growing transparency in government will transform the current morass. We intend to monitor closely how things progress and to inform you about how well you are doing to get government to conform to your needs.

    Today, we addressed some of the elements leading up to the events that are to change your world for the better. We also discussed some aspects of what we need to do to clean up Gaia's ecosystems. The time is getting close for some much-needed events to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Update by Sheldan Nidle 20120320

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
12 Chiccan, 18 Ceh, 8 Manik - March 20,2012

Dratzo! We return! Progress continues to be made by our Earth allies and especially by Earth's many secret sacred societies. Many nations in Europe, and many others that are sympathetic to the cause of the new economic system now stand in defiance of the status quo. Meanwhile, a group of unprincipled speculators and their energy-corporation co-conspirators continue to put pressure on global oil prices. To counter this massive chicanery, those who are ready to overthrow the major dark regimes are busy approving the use of various devices that can quickly take your planet off dependence on crude oil and petroleum. This is one of many projects that will refocus the basic direction of your global societies. A new financial system accompanied by new governance will free you from the daily burdens of artificially created scarcity. It is time to begin a new epoch based on true sovereignty and a natural global abundance founded on zero-point and solar energies. There is also the matter of your duties to Mother Earth to attend to. Your precious planet needs to be resuscitated and supported by all of you.

    These various activities are part of the plan to remove the dark from power and to permit us to carry out our first contact mission with you. We dearly wish to complete this mission at the right divine time. Before we can arrive, all of you need to become aware of the foul nature of your current reality and why it desperately needs a complete and thorough makeover! The good news is, the dark cabal is on its last legs and its members deeply fear what is to happen to them. We observe how those working in the Light have been courageously moving a much-needed new economic system into place. The abundance that is to flow from this system is only the start of a huge agenda of change. The first of the coming changes can be thought of as a fun run-up to first contact when you will experience the magnificence of Heaven and a return to your spiritual roots. As we have often told you, our part is to mentor you back into your natural state of full consciousness, at which point you will become our associates in unfolding the divine plan throughout physicality.

    These changes are to convert the very nature of your reality into something quite different. It is rare for Heaven to condone such an immense alteration in such a short space of time. Normally, this amount of change is made over centuries, not in a span of less than a decade. This sanction is by way of being a divine compensation because the dark cabal openly defied the sacred decrees governing the makeover of this reality. The cabal took upon itself the astonishing hubris of attempting to evict the forces of Heaven from one of Her especially administered physical realities. Such defiance is of course ridiculous! The Galactic Federation of Light is here as one of the physical components of Heaven to carry out the divine agenda in physicality, and it is thus that your freedom is ensured. Also dedicated to the Light are various on-planet resources which have joined together to direct a Heaven-sponsored removal of the cabal and its arrogant adherents. This strategy is in its final phases and the cabal's power is ebbing fast.

    As the dark cabalists prepare to step down, we closely monitor those who are poised to succeed them. It is vital that the designated caretaker governments set up a form of representative governance that supports your present and future development. The prosperity programs and the many beneficent projects that these interim regimes will instigate need to be in synch with one another. Further, these regimes require new rules which enable each of you to be a participant in government, as these will be the first, primitive steps toward your galactic society. This brief period will be an interregnum between your present governmental morass and your return to full consciousness. Nevertheless, its activities will need to anticipate the vast transformations that lie ahead, and must represent more than just a return to the eloquent goals of your forefathers. It is a time to acknowledge who you are becoming and the grand responsibilities that you are to undertake which will forge a marvelous future for all of surface humanity!

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this glorious day to welcome each of you into the new realm of full consciousness which is being materialized as we speak. Below you lie the sacred lands of Inner Earth, where each city of the Agarthans is doing its part to assist us in morphing the remaining darkness that riddles your surface societies. We are in fact moving our associates into position to successfully complete the final moves that will sweep away the detritus made by millennia of dark misrule. Your freedom comes with certain responsibilities to Mother Earth and to the magically complex and diverse life chain so badly disturbed and laid waste to by the dark. We are at the time specified by Heaven to appear before you and explain the many aspects of sacred wisdom that we have acquired over the millennia, as this knowledge can help you understand more precisely what Gaia expects of you.

    You are entering a brief period in your history that is to expand your consciousness as well as your overall awareness of the nature and function of your reality. This will act as a wakeup call to your innate wisdom, which has lain dormant within you from the suppression of nearly 13 millennia of limited consciousness. This state was imposed on you with certain severe restrictions mandated by Heaven, and at first these standards were only trifled with by the dark. Then, during the past eight millennia the Anunnaki and their appointed minions ran roughshod over these various rules. It is these violations that have led to the special dispensations which resulted first in our presence (the Ascended Masters) and then in the first-contact mission of the Galactic Federation. Using Agartha as our appointed refuge on Earth, we journeyed out each day to guide and prepare you for the Great Shift in consciousness.

    The divine grace and mercy of Heaven have brought us all to the prophesied point where we return to who we truly are. Our task at that point becomes increasingly one of guiding you to your full potential within your life contract. We have taken on with joy what is next in line for us all and for this marvelous living entity upon whom we dwell. Our Agarthan family is very ready to celebrate their reunion with Earth's surface humanity, and thereafter, our activities will expand to include all the water worlds that make up this solar system. This newly formed star-nation has a series of special tasks to help the galaxy return to the Light and join a multitude of nearby galaxies to spread the Light throughout this sector of physicality. An exquisite future is forming, which we will all partake of in joy and in harmony with all of Creation.

    Today, we continued our message about what is happening on your world. A new sense of selfhood is spreading rapidly within humanity. With the assistance of many from Heaven and from the Galactic Federation, you are readying yourselves for the consciousness shift decreed by Heaven and by AEON. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Update by Sheldan Nidle 20120313

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5 Etznab, 11 Ceh, 8 Manik -

Mar 13,2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dratzo! We return! The time is near for the distribution of your prosperity funds. The Ascended Masters have promised that the fund transfers from their secret world trust are ready to begin. These transfers were to begin only when the necessary security was in place. The dark cabals have had stop orders in effect on these transfers for the past two decades. Originally, the cabalists intended to usurp the funds once their New World Order governments and accompanying martial law edicts were fully in place. As you can see, this has not taken place. Nevertheless, the Ascended Masters wanted to make sure that friendlier governments were either in power or else ready to be put into power before the actual releasing of the funds began. This requisite is now happening, and so the transfers of this money are about to happen. The movement of this money is a signal to the various secret sacred societies that the moment has arrived to begin the removal of several dark-oriented regimes. This will begin with extensive arrests of top government officials within these regimes. The first item on the agenda for these new governments is the confirmation of the full legitimacy of the many international court orders and arrest warrants against the former leaders of so many major governments across the planet. What is taking place is the breaking-up of the false legitimacy of Lex Romana. The Church used this batch of documents after the fall of Rome in the 5th Century AD to legitimize its power in the largely lawless world that was Western Europe. This legal tradition continued into modern times and remains the basis for establishing the legitimacy of the modern nation state. This tradition was embraced by the dark and used to validate its actions since the earliest days of the Holy Roman Empire. This power will be rendered null and void by the institution of your new caretaker governments and a new era in governance will then be in effect. This new governance signals the start of the last phase of your journey back to full consciousness and your reunion with your spiritual and space families. Our task is to monitor your world and support the various activities leading to your new reality. We have watched how determined your Ascended Masters are to complete those procedures necessary for the release of your prosperity funds. Your many groups dedicated to returning the Light to your world are working diligently to ensure that the dark's minions are properly arrested and their de facto governments put out of business. Much progress is being made. The dark ones are truly grasping the fact that their present dilemma cannot simply be swept under the proverbial rug, and it is the imminence of their demise that gladdens our hearts! Since the late 1940s we have worked for disclosure. All the major governments of your world basically ignored our existence while courting the former members of the dark Anchara Alliance. Now this alliance with the dark is at an end, and it is time for first contact with the Light and the announcements that go with it. The secret sacred societies are putting the finishing touches on the many official announcements that will kick off the new governance. These public statements will explain to you why it was necessary to install new governments and will tell you about the program that each one is to follow. The dark cabal and its minions are arguing about how to wriggle out of the great downfall that is ready to hit them, and as they squabble, their obedient government factions continue to put out the usual lies about the financial crisis, claiming that some sort of 'recovery' is underway. As you know, nothing is further from the truth, and an overwhelming ocean of bad debt is ready to swallow them up! In its desperate hunt for funds, the cabal has threatened many governments but has found that these shakedowns failed to produce the monies needed to turn their self-imposed financial collapse around. It is time to put these profligates under arrest and stop the suffering that each of you has experienced in the last half-decade! Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come, bringing some wonderful news! Over the past few weeks, we have been preparing to transfer vast sums of money into the trusts that we set up worldwide to distribute the prosperity funds to you. Our associates have been very successful in securing the safety of these accounts and getting to the point of ousting the many major governments. This past week we completed the lists and procedures for putting these new governments in power. We needed, first of all, to obtain the final, legally binding agreements from the dark's old financial system which makes it possible to arrest and prosecute the multitude of government and banking officials. Our associates are now establishing the preliminary dates for these prosecutions. Also, a firm timetable exists for the official transfers of government, and we are pledged to the subsequent announcements that will present us to you. As your Ascended Masters we need to introduce ourselves to you and give you a full explanation of what Heaven expects of all of us. This vast shift in your reality is above all a shift in consciousness. This means that your spiritual responsibilities will greatly increase, and you need a formal list of what these responsibilities are and how, together, we are to fulfill them. Your journey to full consciousness requires a deep commitment to your inner self and to this transforming reality. Our task is to discuss this with you, with all due solemnity and grace, as Heaven's divine plan needs all of us to dedicate our sacred honor to redressing the grievances long suffered by Mother Earth. As her invited guests, we are to express with our deeds the great Love we have for her, and indeed for all life that exists in this most beautiful realm. The prosperity you are about to receive is designed to progress you beyond the beliefs you hold about scarcity and limitation, imposed on you by your parents, friends, and society. Abundance is your natural state of being; scarcity and limitation are simply artificially imposed on you. One of the issues to be integrated on the way to becoming an Ascended Master is the knowledge of the absolute abundance of nature and the universe. This is what you are about to be immersed in once more. Manifesting your full potential means that there are no inherent limitations placed on you, and you begin to experience your natural compact with the Creator. Your mission is to spread your Love, good grace, and Light to all Beings who live in physicality; and fear, in this context, is regarded as the falsity it truly is. The rest of your life is now to gloriously begin! Today, we carried on with our discussion of what is happening around you. A great shift in consciousness is rapidly changing your reality more each day. Most of it remains subtle, but you are ready to receive amazing news which will drastically change your world for the better. Be ready, and prepared to enjoy these events as they unfold before you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA Voicemail: 530-327-9432 | E-mail: | Website address:

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The First Paradise from which the Garden of Eden Legends sprang.Long time ago, 2 million years ago, the great Galactic Federation of Light and Sirian Star Nation brought forth the Sol Star Nation in our Star System. It consisted of Venus, Earth (Hybornea) and Mars. The three independent civilizations were 5th dimension and the very first Galactic Full Conscious Human Civilizations the results from a seeding many years before. In a very unique star system which had 4 water worlds, according to histories water is not in abundance in many parts of the Universe and star systems with water worlds are few.This story deals with Hybornea which covered what we now call North America and Northern Europe and lands in between Greenland and Ice Land. At that time the Earth was protected by Ice Shields (referred to in some writings and Firmanent or dome in the sky) which keep the global temperatures in the 70’s Degree F. No severe weather, no thunder storms.. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Flooding of any kind.Th. people of Hybornea were semi Etheric living on the 5th dimension able to access the 4th and 3rd at will for spiritual learning experiences in a denser physical living returning when mission done to their homes on the 5th.Being full conscious 12 helix 13 chakra the citizen could manifest their needs and desires through mental power either as a group or as individuals, were either immortal or lived thousands of years in perfect health. They were telepathic in contact with each other and with their higher self always for advice and assistance.Hybornea developed a spiritual technology which was a Galactic Lyran Sirian Model Civilization money less and best described in our terms as Democratic Socialist. Their basic Unit was a pod of up to 64 people, the next level was unit of many pods and so one.The communications was through a holographic where citizens could talk to friends and family as if right there in front of them. Food, was provided through Light Technology, by replicators or home Gardens which grew fruit, veggies, grains, etc using the same Light which provided all the nutrients we need with no waste.Replicators also provided clothing and housing. Holographic technology in time the Hyborneans applied that to their residences and Star Ships. They could take and area about the size of a motel room and through a holograph projector create a space to live in any size or environment they choseOur beautiful peaceful Hybornea and Sol Star Nation flourished for over 1 million years until it was destroyed by some none human Negative Beings through a terrible war the survivors on all three worlds escaped to their Inner Earth and to 5th dimensions or higher and are immortal. There are legends here in Agartha of 12 foot Hyborneans living in higher dimensions my guess those who actually lived in Hybornea so long ago. On 3rd dimension Venus was left in a greenhous atmosphere, Earth was left much destruction and Mars was left stripped of most of it’s atmoshpere.Since the fall of HyborneaThe Dark beings who were responsible for the destruction held control of our Sol Star System for the next thousands of years set up base on Maldek Sol’s 5th planet. When the Galactic Federation of Light returned around 900,00 years ago or sooner removing the invaders from the former Sol Star Nation worlds, the Invaders fled to the base of operations on Maldek. As long as the dark beings were present on Maldek no colony of the federation would be save from invasion so the Federation brougt in a Battle Star Planet after given the opportunity to return to Orion and the Dark Ones refused to leave their base of operation here became the Asteriod Belt and the Battle Star, Nibiru was set on patrol as a defense of the Sol Star Stytem that what happen our beloved Hybornea would never happen againWe are more familiar with the rise and fall of the motherland of modern nations, Lemuria and Atlantis. Those are other legends.Today 13,000 years later the Galactics have returned with assistence from their Earth Allies (Inner Earth Agartha and her Sliver Fleet of Star Ships are here to restore us to full 12 helix 13 Chakra consciousness, help us restore our Galactic Civilization and retore our Star Nation, this time it will have a restored Maldek (or Pax) as a member)Our Future when NESARA is announced, restoring our economic freedom through band debt forgiveness and the Federation ships land in mass. A new world free of pollution, no poverty (Replicator technology, no disease, fantastic holographic and telepathic communication, pollution free trasportation based of renewable galactic technology.Because of the racial diversity here on Earth our restored Star Nation is to become diplomats to go out as diplomats and uniters to cement the galactic peace in to permenantWhat a bright future of Light, Freedom, Love and Joy.* Based on Galactic History of GFOL through Sheldon Nidle
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