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The Silver Bullet


Not just any ammo – a solid silver bullet is the only answer when dealing with something not quite human.


In the story of the werewolf, the creature understands what it is and that by definition it is an enemy of man and must be stopped.  Its own existence is distasteful to itself, when it remembers the truth.  As it inevitably asks for its own end, we come to know empathy and then understand that sometimes a death is necessary for peace to ensue.  The silver bullet becomes not a weapon of destruction, but an answer to an otherwise unstoppable force.  It is immediate, swift and final.  It is the only solution.


We have come to a moment where a silver bullet is required.  Fear, revenge, negative emotion and anger are erupting all over Mother Earth.  As the timelines progress towards an inevitable ONE – time speeds up.  Each thought and every news bulletin feels urgent and absolute.  This is all by design and part of the illusion.


Words of war, retaliation, payback and violence are playing into the hands of those who are the criminal cabal.  They have been ready for this conflict for far longer than the rest of us.  The energy of fear is what they feed on, what they know and believe will keep them comfortably seated on top.  They are ready for a revolution.


What they are not ready for – is love.  Here’s the thing.  This shift is entirely orchestrated by us.  Let’s take back our ascension.  We are the ones deciding how and when.  It is not a question of “if”.  We are going to shift.  It is a question of how.


Know that oneness includes every one of us.  Refuse to harm your brother and sister, no matter what percent they occupy.  Insist on peace – every time.  There are non-violent answers.  Here are just a few:


-          For the month of April, don’t pay any non-secured debt.  You know which bills have been doled out by the thugs and which are legitimate.  Don’t pay the thugs in April.  In May, pay both bills (April and May).  Show them who holds the power – if we unite we can bring down corrupt institutions – without violence.

-          Write in a candidate when voting.  Don’t refuse to vote; just refuse to vote for the puppets they are presenting.

-          Respectfully refuse all standardized testing for your children.  It is the season for standardized tests – just say no.  The system of public “education” will be forced to re-evaluate itself when the majority refuses to participate.

-          Gather together for collaboration on peaceful solutions, group visualizing and meditations.


If we stop playing – the game ends.


This is a dream and it is OURS.  As we know we are dreaming, it is now a lucid dream.  We can direct it to an end that serves us.


The silver bullet is love.  Refuse to harm your brothers and sisters.  Occupy oneness.  Unity includes us all.  This is what they aren’t ready for.  This is the shift of the ages – dramatic, efficient and final – we hold the silver bullet within.  The time is now to use it.  Sometimes a death is necessary for peace to ensue.  Right now is one of those times.


We are not destroying a physical creature but dismantling a self destructive idea; separation.   We are one and so the creature part of us that feeds on division must be understood and absorbed into oneness.  This creature only understands polarity and winning.  It is time to visualize this shift.  See the ones who would destroy, impoverish and enslave us as shifting.  See this happening to every one of them; rulers and minions all.


This is not just a shift for the “good guys”, with destruction for the “evil ones”.  There are no evil ones; there are just those who are late to the party.  Imagine the grand celebration it will be when they join us.  Visualize it, feel it, intend it and be it.  These others are our family; they are here now to propel us into the transformation of the ages.  Thank them, bless them and love them.  You can do that right where you sit, now.


They will come to understand what they have done, and be grateful for the end you dispensed.  Your silver bullet of love will be witnessed by untold numbers of our brothers and sisters.  This is what you’ve come to do.  It is the only solution; not a weapon of destruction but an answer to an otherwise unstoppable force.  It is love.


For love is what you are.  Love is what you will realize when you demonstrate it to the least lovable amongst us.


These news bulletins are not absolute truths – they are markers – shout outs – telling us our time is approaching. 


Our time is here.  The absolute truth is love and love is what you are.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for. 

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Welcome 2012. Predictions for this New Year.


As the year closes we naturally look both ways – back at where we’ve been and ahead to where we are going.  It is a journey, one we are creating together and walking alone.


This journey, this dream or whatever you call it; is yours.  It is mine.  There are no prophecies or predictions that will affect the outcome unless I bring them into my reality and make them do so.  I make this choice with every word, thought and focus.  The choice is always mine.  The choice is always yours.  We can select love or fear and everything we do and experience will be a reflection of our chosen emotion.


The only one who can predict your future is you.


There has been so much said about this coming year, it can feel as if we are being swept away in the current of the time.  Don’t allow yourself to be fooled.  You are swimming of your own volition, either upstream or down.  If you don’t like the direction, it may be time to turn around.  The headlines, characters and happenings may be overwhelming, yet regardless of their volume, they are not actually telling you what is happening in your life – only you can do that.


The power to run your life is now and always will be yours.  You are uniquely suited to do so.  You have set it up perfectly.  You are in the precise place with all the right tools.  There have been no wrong choices.  You are not headed for disaster, you are headed for amazing.  Within you are the keys to your own evolution; right there in your hands.  You know that you are love.  You may need to remind yourself now and then as headlines and events can show up to frighten us, that’s ok.  It’s all ok. 


Who you are, your very essence is the polar opposite of fear.  The emotions that feel hot and uncomfortable and sickly, feel that way because they do not belong inside one such as you.  You cannot mix fear with love, and what you are – is love.


You are eternally, powerfully and completely – love.  This New Year, embark on a quest to discover in every moment this truth about you – a “Heart Quest”. 


Forgive yourself, forget the past and focus on love.  Then watch the magnificent life you create! 


I can’t wait.  It is an honor to share this time with you.  Happy New Year!


In Lak’ech.



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