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ive read here and there that we have to work together in order to ascend.. 

ive also read that the words we speak and the thoughts we think combined with intention are very powerfull 

what if every living being able to work with us in this task would stand in a line, and everybody would think and say ASCENDING with the intention to let evrything ascend.. 

wouldnt we ascend?

if you think of it.. we wouldnt wait for it anymore, we would actually do it!

this is some loud thinkin.. let me know how you think of it :) 

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E.T/I.T Contact.. why not me, why not now?

hello dear readers, i have a question that buzzed my mind for a few times, and i thought about it a few seconds ago so i figured why not ask my spiritual friends if they know what is going on

you hear about all the storys of people being "abducted" or "invited" into big ships and they went to other worlds and it was all a great experience for them.. 

i know that most likely 50% of those people are lying to sell books or even movies, and maybe a few others just want attention.. but nobody and nothing can make me believe that theyre not there

but when me and my younger brother are losing our beliefs/knowings about our starfamily, we feel like being left out like were not good enough.. 

and at the moment we think that, this voice/feeling crawls up the back of our spines letting us know its alright and it needs time or something, and we automaticly apologize, and then it starts all over.. we feel alone, left out, and apologize.. 

the main question here is actually, when and how will the contact with them be the reality? 

and when will the fake world finally end because all the companys that are driving me crazy with letters that tell i owe them money for nothing and i will be punished if i dont coorporate.. 

last but not least, sorry for my bad english, i feel a bit upset and english is not my mother language but i know my way with it

please let me know something

i love you

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