April 21

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I am 71 years old. I have a great interest in this process that the Earth is going through right now with what is happening in space, with all civilizations that are above us. I look forward to the day when physical contact occurs.

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First and foremost, my uppstigna MOM and dad, too, other wise and show people I had around me during my adolescence and into adulthood

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  • it is an honor to call you friend.  in lak'ech

  • well, i hope you find enough of interest to keep you around.  i appreciate your style.  i would enjoy getting to know you better.

  • welcome stifinneren.  this is indeed an exciting time to be here.  i have been a student for many lifetimes, and suspect will always be.  i look forward to learning with and from you. 

    in lak'ech

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Jan 18, 2021
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http://www.facebook.com/groups/302667313180809/#!/groups/302667313180809/http://www.facebook.com/groups/302667313180809/#!/groups/117763471707274/A historical event in Sweden! Green environmental politician Pernilla Hagberg, my dear daughter, has…
Sep 27, 2012
STIFINNEREN left a comment for nighteyes
"Thank You! I think for sure, I have no new plans to jump again:):) It was a misunderstanding, which I have fixed now. :)"
Sep 11, 2012
STIFINNEREN left a comment for nighteyes
"Thank you very much. It is an honour to be your friend too :)"
Sep 11, 2012

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The conclusion of events taking place on Earth seems inevitable, as countries that feel threatened by them are uniting into two distinct groups for their protection. Steps are being carried out to try and calm things down but some countries seem set…
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| SourceBlessings Beloveds~There are a myriad of reactions, upgrades, changes, and experiences that come with powerful plasma influxes and exposure to cosmic rays like we had last weekend.Sustained, multi-day KP 8 + geomagnetic storms are a gift:…
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"The psychopathic CCP do not want you to see this video.....So watch it and learn truth, before it's airbrushed completely.....And now it's age-restricted...On the 18th it was not...

Crazy, Crazy, Politix (CCP) of Red Chinese authorities...🐉

And in…"
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"One always wonders why feminists on the left, support "Palestine" and the Hamas haters of women...A dichotomy of beliefs...To side with Islamist terrorists, who hate women, in particular, especially jewish and christian women, it would appear, seems…"
23 hours ago